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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Duplin Winery is here to take the stress out of gift giving!

We’ve got something for everyone on your list this holiday season.

Spread the holiday cheer and shop our holiday gift guide to make this Christmas season the best one yet.

Christmas Wine Gift Set

You can’t go wrong with our Christmas Wine Gift Set. The 3-bottle box features Frosty Frolic, Christmas Wine and Naughty & Nice in a ready-to-gift custom designed carry box. Each seasonal wine in the set is sure to put your loved one in the holiday spirit.

Duplin Favorites

Do you have someone in your life that is the ultimate Duplin fan? The Duplin Favorites basket was made just for them! Inside the basket, you will find many wines including Hatteras Red, Burgundy, Scuppernong, and Carlos. Plus, two of Duplin’s tasty Sweetzers, Peach Bellini, and Primo Vino.

Event Tickets

Duplin Winery has multiple dinner theater shows through the year, along with other great festivals to attend. There is something for everyone to love from a Murder Mystery to the Golden Oldies and even a Country Classic show. Our dinner theater shows are a wonderful way to enjoy the total Duplin Winery experience.

Sweetzer Gift Basket

Make life even sweeter this year for anyone on your list with a Sweetzer gift basket. With ten options available, it will be easy to find something for everyone. Try our different flavors including Berry Bliss, Primo Vino, Margarita and Electric Lemonade.

Gift Cards

Allow your loved one to pick out exactly what they want from Duplin Winery by purchasing a gift card! Our gift cards can be used for a wine tasting, retail merchandise, event tickets and more.

Duplin Winery has plenty of gift ideas to make this season the best yet.

A Guide to White Duplin Wine

A Guide to White Duplin Wine


Need help choosing which of Duplin’s white wines to purchase?



Made From: Variety of Carlos Grapes
Released: 1976
Sugar: 1.5%
Taste: Fruity, Soft Dry

*Closest to a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio 

Beaufort Bay

Made From: Estate Scuppernong Grapes
Released: 2005
Sugar: 10.2%
Taste: Sweet with a strong fruity bouquet


Made From: Secret blend of Muscadines
Released: 2012
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Sweet, Clean, Light

*Compares to a Moscato without the bubbles 


Made From: Variety of Magnolia
Released: 1982
Sugar: 6.2%
Taste: Sweet start with a clean finish

*Closest to a Riesling


Made From: Scuppernong Grapes
Released: 1976
Sugar: 10.2%
Taste: Sweet with a fruity finish

*Scuppernong Grapes are the NC state fruit

Sangria White

Made From: Made from a blend of Muscadine and fruit juices
Released: 2015
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Sweet orange and peach citrus flavor

*Mix Sangria White & Sangria Sangria for the ultimate cocktail!

Midnight Magnolia

Made From: Estate Magnolia Grapes
Released: 2003
Sugar: 7.2%
Taste: Elegant with a crisp finish

*Compares to a Sweet Riesling

Beaufort Bay

Made From: Estate Scuppernong Grapes
Released: 2005
Sugar: 10.2%
Taste: Sweet with a strong fruity bouquet

Sweet Sox White

Made From: White Blend of Muscadines
Released: 2013
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Sweet and smooth

*Portion of proceeds goes to Duplin County Humane Society 

How to Store Wine

WineStorageHow to Store Wine

Let us help you with the best way to store your Duplin wine!

Many of us are so excited to find so many wines that we enjoy when visiting our favorite winery (Duplin) that we fill our carts- then our cars. We arrive home and discover that we need to find a place to store it. Storing wine safely – ensuring it will taste the same over the days, weeks and months ahead until you need it – is an important consideration.

Several tips to remember. Keep it still. Wine, particularly red wines, does not fare well when subjected to vibrations- a refrigerator door opening and closing, for example, will harm the integrity of the wine. Keep it sideways. Real cork is wood that is subject to drying- and shrinking. Keeping a cork in contact with the wine will prevent shrinkage. A dry and brittle cork would allow oxygen to enter the bottle. As air reaches an apple, oxidation occurs, and the apple begins to brown. Oxidation affects wine, in the same manner, the aromas, flavors, and color all start to spoil.

Be sure to store wines in an environment with consistent temperatures. Wines that heat and cool too often tend to spoil quickly. Keep wine in the dark. If wine is in direct light consistently, the flavor will be affected. White wines are most sensitive to light, but reds will decline as well. Keep your wines still, cool, dark and sideways- and if all else fails, you might as well drink it!

**Never throw away a spoiled wine- you can still marinate your favorite meats- or create a delightful salad dressing with wines that taste like vinegar.

Life Is Sweeter With Duplin