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A Guide to White Duplin Wines

Remember the old saying about not being able to wear white after Labor Day? Don’t worry, that doesn’t apply to drinking white wine! Duplin Winery is the largest winery in the South and has been producing delicious Muscadine wines since the early 1970’s. Each Duplin bottle is made with a variety of native Muscadine grapes, giving them a fruity and sweet flavor. Check out our guide to white Duplin wines.


Made From: Variety of Carlos Grapes
Released: 1976
Sugar: 1.5%
Taste: Fruity, Soft Dry

*Closest to a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio 


Made From: Variety of Magnolia
Released: 1982
Sugar: 6.2%
Taste: Sweet start with a clean finish

*Closest to a Riesling

Midnight Magnolia

Made From: Estate Magnolia Grapes
Released: 2003
Sugar: 7.2%
Taste: Elegant with a crisp finish

*Compares to a Sweet Riesling

Beaufort Bay

Made From: Estate Scuppernong Grapes
Released: 2005
Sugar: 10.2%
Taste: Sweet with a strong fruity bouquet


Made From: Scuppernong Grapes
Released: 1976
Sugar: 10.2%
Taste: Sweet with a fruity finish

*Scuppernong Grapes are the NC state fruit

Brice’s Creek

Made From: 95% Scuppernong Grapes, 5% Niagara Grapes
Released: 2007
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Slight floral start with smooth finish


Made From: Secret blend of Muscadines
Released: 2012
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Sweet, Clean, Light

*Compares to a Moscato without the bubbles 

Fiesta Muscadina

Made From: Late Harvest Carlos Grapes
Released: 2014
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Fruity and smooth

Sangria White

Made From: Made from a blend of Muscadine and fruit juices
Released: 2015
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Sweet orange and peach citrus flavor

*Mix Sangria White & Sangria Sangria for the ultimate cocktail!

Sweet Sox White

Made From: White Blend of Muscadines
Released: 2013
Sugar: 11%
Taste: Sweet and smooth

*Portion of proceeds goes to Duplin County Humane Society 

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