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Nature’s Bounty

After picking, freezing, canning, cooking and trading with friends all of the gifts of the garden, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now, here’s a dilemma: which Duplin wine will you open to celebrate the day’s harvest? Don’t worry, whichever one you choose, you’ve made the right decision!

From The Vine To The Wine

Harvest season for muscadine grapes typically starts mid-September and lasts until mid-October. We receive grapes from our contracted farmers in Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, and North and South Carolina whose muscadine grapes thrive in a hot and humid climate and are primarily grown in the warmest states in the South.

Mascot Naming Contest

A new friend has been spotted at Duplin Winery! She is a lovely seagull, soaking up the warm summer sun. We believe she’s expecting a fellow to join her later this year! He will make his grand entrance during Grape Stomp season. There’s just one problem... our friends need names! Enter your suggestions below for a chance to win a Duplin prize.

Spring Ahead with Anticipation!

Spring is in the air! The daylight hours are increasing, the evening chill isn’t quite as harsh, and suddenly trees are leafing out (along with their pollen) and those beautiful spring flowers are bringing smiles to all of us. Spring is the season of new growth and anticipation of good things to come

Duplin Winery Toasts Local Veterans

Join Duplin Winery, the largest muscadine winery in the south, to support local Veterans of Foreign Wars on Thursday, March 7, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 and include live entertainment, two drink tickets, light hors d’oeuvres, door prizes and fellowship.

Duplin’s Festive Cocktail Recipes

As soon as the sun sets earlier, and the air gets cooler we finally feel like its fall. Sweater weather, snuggles, fires, our favorite comfort foods and delightful drinks all remind us of fall. There is always an abundance of fall and winter recipes… warm soups, pot pies, turkey dishes, etc. But, you may be interested in our tasty drink recipes. From Cranberry Champagne Punch to Red Wine Hot Chocolate – we have something for everyone!

Personalized Gift Giving Ideas for Great Aunt Sue and Jason, too

It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping! Do you have a long list of people who you need to show your appreciation for, but not a lot of time to find something for each one? Duplin Winery has a wide variety of items that will please everyone on your Christmas list, from Great Aunt Sue to your neighbor, Jason who walks your dog when you go out of town. Let us help you shop and pick the perfect, personalized gift!

Pirate Booty Basket

This limited edition basket is perfect for thee pirate in yer life! Thee basket includes one bottle of Blackbeard’s Reserve, one pirate bottle holder, one pirate bottle opener and magnet and a mini Blackbeard’s Reserve ornament!

Summer Leaves, Fall Arrives in the Carolinas

Who doesn’t love the colors of autumn? There’s something magical about seeing the leaves of the trees change from bright greens to the warm tones of fall … so much so, that many people drive for miles to meander along one of the mountain corridors noted for their colorful displays. Bright reds and yellows and oranges practically light up the world, with the clear blue fall sky as their backdrop.

Duplin Winery Hosts 3rd Annual Drink Pink Event

Join Duplin Winery, the largest muscadine winery in the south, and Caring In Our Lifetime on Thursday, October 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the 3rd annual Drink Pink event in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Tickets are $20 and include live entertainment, two drink tickets, hors d’oeuvres, door prizes and fellowship.

Get Your Game On!

Nothing says fall in America quite like football. Even if you’re not lucky enough to snag seats for your favorite college or professional football team’s biggest game of the season, you can still enjoy all the excitement of game day by creating your own “tailgate party” at home.

Back in the Groove

All across America, families with school-age children and those with educators are getting back into their school-year routine after a summer of laid-back days and fun adventures. Even in households without the dictates of school schedules, summertime seems to be much more relaxed and less structured. Meals are less formal, bedtimes and mornings have a bit more flexibility, and in general, “the living is easy.”

When Family Visits, Keep It Simple!

Summer is the time of year to pack up the car or board a flight and head off for a family visit. Sibling get-togethers, a week with grandparents, a first-time cousin visit … all across the country, families are getting together to catch up, renew bonds and make new memories.

Sweetzer Party Time!

What’s a Sweetzer? It’s a wine slushie! Are you a fan of strawberries or blueberries? How about a nice refreshing lemonade? Perhaps you’d rather have a bar drink, such as a Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Margarita or Pink Cosmo. And who can say no to chocolate? Guess what? We’ve got something for everyone!

Duplin Winery to Host 42nd Annual Grape Stomp

This September, Duplin Winery is hosting its 42nd Annual Grape Stomp in Rose Hill, NC on Saturday, September 8 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. The event will include live music, interactive games, vineyard tours, wine tastings, prizes, food, drink, and of course a grape stomping contest.

How-To Guide For Experiencing Duplin Wines

Are you a long-time fan of Duplin Winery’s sweet muscadine wine? Or, are you new to sippin’ sweet in the South? Are you wondering where to find Duplin wine and how to store the cases you are about to purchase if they don’t fit in the refrigerator? Our How-To Guide will help you!

The Magic of Moonlight

We’ve got great news! Midnight Magnolia is back in stock. Our very popular estate wine, in its stunning blue bottle, Midnight Magnolia is a medium sweet, smooth and fruity white wine with a fresh crisp finish that you will fall in love with … in the moonlight or at any time of day!

Duplin Winery Releases Two New Dry Wines

Duplin Winery releases two all-new muscadine wines this July - Summertime Strut and Coastal Shag. With the addition of Summertime Strut and Coastal Shag to its product list, Duplin Winery has over 40 delicious muscadine wines for its fans to enjoy.
Life Is Sweeter With Duplin