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This Bacon Ranch Dip is 7 layers of pure heaven

With two layers of crispy, thick-cut bacon, a base of creamy ranch cheese and minimal prep time, our Barbecue Bacon Ranch Dip is the recipe you'll be reaching for everytime someone says "Bring a covered dish."

For holiday parties, Super Bowl parties, office potlucks or a weekend of Netflix binging on the couch, this dip's divine seven layers can't be beat. Just be sure to serve it with sturdy crackers or crostini that can handle the heft of all those tasty layers. 

A ridicuously easy blend of cream cheese and Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix goes down first. Everyone will be begging you for that recipe alone. The cheese gets glazed with rich Duplin Gourmet Muscadine Barbecue Sauce, followed by a heaping strata of extra-crispy crumbled bacon.

Diced bell peppers and tomatoes come next, adding a fresh touch. Then comes yet another layer of bacon and right on its heels, a literal mountain of shredded cheddar cheese.

What goes on top? Dare we say more bacon? Yes. Full slices this time, just a few to let guests know what's under all that cheese.

The best thing about this dip is no baking is required, although you might be tempted to pop it in the oven, and that's fine. It's delicious however you serve it. 

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