10 best margarita and sangria recipes

Creating the best margarita recipes for Cinco de Mayo was no easy task. Adding the best sangria recipes to the list meant really going the extra mile. We love these two classic drinks so much, we were willing to do the necessary taste testing. Whether you're hitting a Cinco de Mayo party or celebrating at home after work, these easy cocktails are fiesta ready.

Mango Margarita

Full of citrus and tropical notes, plus a little bit of chile spice, this marg begs to be made in batches. Tuck it into beach coolers when you play hooky from work on Cinco de Mayo.

Pomegranate Sangria

Feel good while whooping it up! This vodka-spike sangria is double loaded with antioxidants in pomegranate blueberry juice.

Low-alcohol Frozen Margarita

When you want to party all night long but aren't so keen on the hangover, go with this margarita that skips the tequila in favor refreshing white wine.  

Cherry Berry Sangria with Rum

Rum plus pineapple, blackberries and cherries. 

Cotton Candy Margarita

A frosty margarita that skips the salt in favor of pink cotton candy lightness. Fresh lime juice and tequila balance the sweetness while Berry Bliss Sweetzer mix and Duplin Cotton Candy blush add that something, something summertime. 


Part-sangria, part tequila-spiked margarita and full of fresh fruit, the Sangarita is a pitcher full of fruity fun for celebrating Cinco de Mayo and every single summer day.

Coconut Rim Sangria

White wine sangria in a snowy coconut-rimmed glass full of apples, grapes and plums is a festive drink for Cinco de Mayo and right through Christmas in July. 

Blueberry Sangria

Cotton Candy Blueberry wine gets added kick from raspberry liqueur and spiced rum. Garnished with beautiful sliced oranges and fresh or frozen blueberries, this sangria is wonderful on its own or as an accompaniment to spicy dishes like birria tacos. 

Quick Sangria

Fruitylicious with peaches, mangos and oranges in sweet red wine with a splash of orange juice.

Bubbly Sangria

Refreshingly fruity and full of fizzy fun! We used club soda and oranges, but it's perfectly fine to use sparkling wine and pineapples, or whatever fruit you love.

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