How to make corned beef and cabbage in the Crockpot

Nothing says "Happy St. Patrick's Day" like a platter full of corned beef and cabbage. This easy recipe starts with corned brisket marinated in sweet Duplin Scuppernong white wine. The meat is braised in a Crockpot and then finished with a roasted garlic crust.

The meltingly tender corned beef, full of garlicky flavor, is served over roasted cabbage. Tossing cabbage wedges with olive oil and garlic and then cooking them in the oven softens and lightly browns the vegetable, bringing out its sweet flavor to play with the salt-kissed beef. Talk about an Irish blessing of a recipe. It makes enough for sandwiches the next day.

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For sandwiches, slice some of the cabbage into thin strips and layer them with sliced or shredded corned beef on sturdy rye or wheat bread or rolls. Spoon on Thousand Island dressing and thank your lucky stars for Duplin Scuppernong wine to pair with the best leftovers ever.

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