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Cotton Candy Blueberry Sangria for Super Bowl

Sorry beer. Blueberry Sangria just rolled into the end zone for a touchdown that takes the title of best Super Bowl party drink.

Deliciously purple, this boozy batch cocktail's refreshing sweetness is the perfect partner to spicy Super Bowl snacks like wings, chili, nachos and guacamole. It tastes even better when you prepare it a few days and advance, giving you time to enjoy game-day hangs.

Different than the avearge sangria featuring dry red wine and assorted fruit, our blueberry sangria starts with sweet Duplin Cotton Candy Blueberry red wine. Raspberry liqueur enhances the wine's berry notes while spiced rum keeps the sweetness in check.

Once the spirits are stirred together, all that's left to do is dump in a bag of plump, frozen blueberries along with fresh orange slices. The fruit makes the sangria so beautiful. Everyone will be asking you for this sangria recipe.

Best wings to pair with sangria: 3 easy sauces.

Essential Super Bowl snack: Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos

Refrigerate Cotton Candy Blueberry Sangria in a covered pitcher for one or two days before serving. Transfer to a clear, wide-mouth container or drink dispenser that allows guests to easily access blueberries and sliced oranges with a ladle. Don't add ice to the sangria. You don't want to water it down. Instead, keep a bucket of ice nearby so that guests can add their own. Better yet, freeze some of the sangria in ice cube trays for guests to drop into their drinks. 

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