Country Sausage Queso is the snack your NCAA basketball championship party needs

You've probably had chorizo queso or "choriqueso" at your favorite Mexican restaurants. We gave this melty cheese dip a down-South spin by using country sausage instead and loading it onto hearty crackers. It's the snack your NCAA basketball championship party needs. Or any sports party. We love it for Cinco de Mayo or just when we don't feel much like cooking on the weekends. 

Country Sausage Queso, or as we like to say, "CSQ," is about as easy as it gets. Fry up some mild or spicy country sausage. Put it in a deep baking dish along with melting cheese like Velveeta and sweet-spicy Duplin Gourmet Muscadine Pineapple Habanero Salsa. Then, just pop the whole thing in the microwave.

We love this dip with fried chorizo on top, plus chopped tomato and thinly sliced jalapenos. Talk about hearty, CSQ needs a sturdy chip. So, instead of tortilla chips, we serve thick-cut Duplin Gourmet Homemade Crackers. All that's left to do is pour a glass of Cool or any of our Duplin sangria wines.

Put CSQ out for March Madness, Super Bowl, college bowl games, backyard barbecues, even holiday gatherings. It's always right at home.

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