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The staff of Duplin decided that we wanted to keep helping our customers learn about the different flavors of Duplin, but instead of asking you what you like, we'll share what we like! We are putting together special Duplin staff recommendations and are calling it Duplin Family Favorites because we know that the staff and our customers are all considered family in Duplin's eyes.

Blushin' Trifecta

Hey everybody! it's Art from Duplin Winery North Myrtle Beach. Normally, you can find me in the bottling room or the warehouse at Duplin.

But, right now I'm in the middle of this sick Coronavirus outbreak, I'm spending some time at home. Those of us on the north side of 60 were asked to stay home. Which helps protect us and ultimately it helps protect you. Help flatten the curve, stay home and enjoy.

While I'm home, I had to stock up and make sure that I had some of my favorite wines to get me through this period. And Duplin Winery is in the process of having a special online sale, you can buy our wines at

Those of us that work at the winery are coming up with our favorite trio of wines. Now my favorite trio of wines consists of these wines that you see in front of you. Number one in my trio is Bald Head Red. Bald Head Red is a nice, mid-sweet wine, made with the Pink Catawba grape. Bald Head has a citrus taste and really the reason it is my number one pick because it’s my wife’s favorite wine. Therefore, my number one pick is Bald Head Red.

Numbers two and three are actually a toss-up at any given day. These legitimately are my favorite wines. We have Sweet Rosé and my favorite of all is Goin’ Coastal. Sweet Rosé is a nice mixture of Muscadine grapes. This particular wine has a little bit of carbonation in it. You can see from the screw cap, this is something that we don’t do at North Myrtle Beach.

So, we send this to our friends in New York and they bottle this for us. It's fermented, blended and it's a product of Duplin. It's made right here in North and South Carolina, but so we use some of our friends up north to at the bottle it. That's another reason it's my favorite. For my first 55 years, I came from New York. So, kudos to my friends back there.

Lastly, this is Goin’ Coastal. Goin’ Coastal is bottled exclusively in North Myrtle Beach. This particular one is blended with a couple of Muscadine, non-Muscadine grapes. It’s a sweet wine, but not really any aftertaste to it. And it’s 12% alcohol. That’s a good thing.

---- Art jokes and tells a secret here, you must listen to the video to hear it! ---

So, my favorite wines. We’ve got Bald Head Red, we have Sweet Rosé and tops on the list is our Goin’ Coastal. Going to leave you with one little tip, something we sometimes do. Going to take some ice, (swirls ice in glass). All of our wines at Duplin are served at 40°. But here at our house, we chill it is well. We also like our glass nice and cold. So, we’re going to swirl some ice in here and get our glass nice and cold. Fill it with some Bald Head, for our nice camera lady, and were going to say cheers to you. Look forward to seeing you again, as soon as everything gets better. Cheers, everybody.

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