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The staff of Duplin decided that we wanted to keep helping our customers learn about the different flavors of Duplin, but instead of asking you what you like, we'll share what we like! We are putting together special Duplin staff recommendations and are calling it Duplin Family Favorites because we know that the staff and our customers are all considered family in Duplin's eyes.

Bruce's FavoritesBruce's Favorites

Dine & Wine Package

Hey. I’m going to welcome everyone to Duplin Winery. My name is Bruce, most of you know me already. Most people start off with a wine and dine package. What I want to do is backward, I've got a dine and wine package here that I like.

What it is, I know that a lot of you like sweeter wines, which is good because we are one of the largest sweet wineries in the United States. But we have dry wines also, they're very good for cooking.

What I like to use is the Burgundy is my favorite with any kind of beef or pork. You take about a cup of the wine, half a cup of soy sauce, a teaspoon of garlic powder, and 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds. Marinate that according to how thick the meat is, the thicker the meat, the longer you would like to marinate it. I'll cook it on the grill or in a blackened frying pan is great.

For those who are at the beach and you want a little seafood, a little shrimp, scallops, Mahi, stuff like that … I recommended Carlos wine. Just marinate it, dust it down good with Old Bay Seasoning, put it in your blackened frying pan or on the grill and away you go.

Once we got all our food prepared how you got your lovely wife with you, or your lovely girlfriend, you pull out the chick wine - Midnight Magnolia. If the women don't like the wine, well they are going to love the blue bottle. While you're doing that - well guys I know y'all are a little more not as fine and finesse as the ladies are - so, we recommend our Sippin’ Sweet. All you got to do to screw the lid off and go to drinking on it. You don't have to worry about getting all those fancy wine glasses out and all.

When all of that done, if you want to have a little dessert with this … what you would do is make yourself a strawberry shortcake or a key lime pie, or a cheesecake and pour the Sweet Caroline over top of it. It’s very good like that.

Also if all this stuff, reacts on you and you end up with acid reflux or heartburn - just grab little Blackberry wine. Take a little swig of that and no more heartburn, no more acid reflux. It'll take care of it. That's kind of like mine.

Instead of a wine and dine, this is my dine and wine package. I hope you all enjoy this, please call us or order this package online.

Thank you very much.

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