Duplin Family Favorites | Karen A

The staff of Duplin decided that we wanted to keep helping our customers learn about the different flavors of Duplin, but instead of asking you what you like, we'll share what we like! We are putting together special Duplin staff recommendations and are calling it Duplin Family Favorites because we know that the staff and our customers are all considered family in Duplin's eyes.

Please Your Palate

Hi, Duplin Wine Family. My name is Karen. I've been here with Duplin for about 13 years now. And these are some of my favorite products that are very essential to have at this time.

And I want to start out with the Magnolia. I like Magnolia because it has a very fruity start and a very clean finish. I like having this at the house for my guests might come over to visit, or friends might come over an visit. Because it can please a lot of palates it's not so sweet that a dry wine drinker might not drink it and not so dry that a sweet wine drinker couldn't drink it. For me, it's very pleasing to a lot of different palates and if they don't like it, that's alright. Because that just saves more for me!

Also, Sunset Red is one of my favorite ones, I call this my party in a bottle. I also like the fact that all of the fresh berries are going to start coming in pretty soon. I like to pour it over the berries and make a nice fruit salad. If I have some extra berries, I like to pair the Magnolia back with the Electric Lemonade and add some of those fresh berries to make a fabulous, wonderful lemonade that is very good and refreshing.

I also like to have our Muscadine Red Pepper and Onion Relish. It's great on hot dogs. I also like to make a pimento cheese spread with it. And I like to serve it over gourmet crackers. The crackers are homemade, I helped make them. And I put an extra special ingredient in them, called love. I like to serve those and if I get real fancy and Martha Stewart like I like to put these candied jalapenos - just one though - on top of the pimento cheese crackers. It is very good.

Our Capabunga caps are great, I like to use them on the wine bottles. Because no matter where I put the wine in the refrigerator, it always fits and the Capabunga seals nicely on top.

Not every day or all day can I drink wine so, I like to have our leatherette koozie to keep my beverages cold. It wipes down very nicely and cleans up very nicely.

I hope you enjoy some of these products. Use your imagination with them. Thank you. Stay safe and God bless.

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