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The staff of Duplin decided that we wanted to keep helping our customers learn about the different flavors of Duplin, but instead of asking you what you like, we'll share what we like! We are putting together special Duplin staff recommendations and are calling it Duplin Family Favorites because we know that the staff and our customers are all considered family in Duplin's eyes.

Savannah | Events Manager

All About Sports

Hi Duplin Family! Most of you have seen multiple videos on our favorite picks, family picks or employee picks. I want to do is something a little bit different. Ladies, I know Father's Day is coming around, so I wanted to give you some options as far as gifting goes, but also get you a little prize in there as well. So, some of my favorite things, especially being a sports fan myself, I'd say it's a bottle cover. It looks like a football has a little helmet that sticks on the top for those football days.

It's a little chilly today, so this is one of my favorite things, it’s a can koozie - but it's also a glove warmer. So, if you're going to those football games in the fall, this is something that you're going to need. Hopefully, we'll be out of the house in the fall will be able to go to those outdoor sporting events.

We also have, for our men who may not like the wine, we do have our Bistro Tall Glasses. They're perfect for beer, but of course, I have them in my kitchen so that I enjoy my tea or soda in as well. I picked that because it also represents our Bistro restaurant, which is where I actually host my ticket events like a Murder Mystery Shows, Golden Oldies and dinner theaters.

If you're stuck on the couch this week or next week, we have a wonderful couch mix that we have available in stores. You can get that ship to your house. It's just a great snack to enjoy while you're stuck inside.

I did include our Magnolia wine which is one of my favorites. Its a semi-sweet white, refreshing wine. If you're interested in making a Summertime Spritzer with some lemonade, we have that recipe online for you.

I also included our Pelican Red and our Pelican Rush Sweetzer. Which is our wine slushie - that is just my absolute favorite. So you get a treat in there for you, as well.

I also included our Duplin Stemless Wine Glass. When you visit us, you get our stemmed wine glass, so I wanted to give you something that's a little bit different than what you're used to when you visit us. These are just a few of my favorite things.

I included some Gourmet sauces, as well. I know some of us are grilling out since we're stuck at home. Maybe you want to save that for a special occasion like Father's Day or for that tailgating party for your sporting events. But, we have multiple sauces, we have our Carolina Mustard - which I didn't include, but you can add it to your cart. I did include our Muscadine Barbecue Sauce, which is my favorite. It’s great on little smokies. If you want to make meatballs, it’s great on that or smother over your chicken with some bacon and Colby jack cheese. It’s perfect in the oven. I also included our Cherry Balsamic Glaze, which is perfect with pork tenderloin or pork chops on the grill.

I hope you enjoy these items. Again, Father's Day is coming up, so if you're looking for a gift this is the perfect set for you.

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