Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is always the first week in May, and no matter how old you are you probably have a special teacher in mind who deserves one big thank you. Maybe it was the math teacher who stayed after class to explain long division for the 100th time or the college educator who helped you with the training needed to launch that second career. Whether teachers in your life are your best friends, your spouse or someone who always goes the extra mile for your kids, these gifts will remind  them how truly special they are.

Gift card + a heartfelt thank you 

Day in and day out, teachers show up and change lives without the benefit of cushy incentives like cash bonuses, expense accounts and fancy cars, so don't just give a gift card. Tuck it into a handwritten note sharing a personal story about how a teacher made a positive impact. That means a lot to educators, no matter if the note comes from a parent whose kids are in school right now or a student who reaches out years after leaving the classroom. 

A moment to themselves

Teachers carry the weight of our future on their shoulders. They work longer hours, suffer more burnout and suffer more job-related stress than other professions. In fact, 60% of teachers say they are stressed out. Give a teacher who you love a ticket to "me time" with a basket full of wonderful wine and a soothing muscadine candle. Or give them a beautiful beach-themed candle that will take them away even when they can't get to the shore. 

Sweet slices of heaven

They smile when kids bring them apples, volunteer at bake sales and celebrate every student milestone. Isn't it time teachers got their own extra-special cake celebrating all they do.Forget cake mix or something you grabbed at the supermarket. A handcrafted, from-scratch, mile-high Key Lime Almond Cream Cake or ultra-creamy cheesecake layer cake shows a teacher how much they matter.

Gourmet indulgences they don't have to share

Genorosity is a trait that describes teachers to a tee. They share their time, wisdom and even their favorite candy. And forget about a lunch hour. Teachers often have to grab bites on the fly, so give them premium snacks like crunchy blistered peanuts, crispy cheese straws, fancy popcorn and crackers made from scratch to go with unique dips, all tucked into a gift basket. 

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