Hot, bubbly crab dip. Or cool creamy crab dip. This recipe does both!

There's nothing better than tucking into creamy crab dip, and this super easy version is equally delicious chilled or hot and bubbly from the oven. Serve it either way! And just five ingredients!

If you love the famous cheese dip we serve in Duplin Winery tasting rooms, you'll absolutely adore this dip. Use your favorite crab and be sure to pick out any shell fragments before stirring the crab into the dip. Blue crab, snow crab and king crab all work. Claw, lump or backfin crab meat is fine. 

This dip is a breeze. Just blend Duplin Gourmet sweet-spicy Muscadine Pineapple Habanero Salsa with cream cheese. Add a little Old Bay seasoning. And then stir in the crab meat. Sprinkle with parsley and chill before serving. 

Better yet, put the dip in a baking dish. Cover it with shredded cheddar and bake the dip until it's all melty creamy.

No matter how you like this dip, one thing is certain: You're going to want to mound it on a sturdy cracker and there's not better choice than hearty Duplin Gourmet Homemade Crackers.


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