This boozy Cotton Candy milkshake will complete your summer

Two things every summer needs: milkshakes and ice cream floats. Add cotton candy plus a boozy kick and beach weather just got even better. 

These adult milkshakes and ice cream floats are so easy to make. All you need for the Cotton Candy Milkshake is vanilla ice cream and Duplin Cotton Candy rosé, a limited-time wine we released in May 2021. You could use frozen yougurt or vegan ice cream, too. Mix everytihng in a blender to create this sweet chiller.

The Cotton Candy Ice Cream Float is even easier. Drop big scoops of vanilla ice crem in a wide-mouth glass. Pour in some Cotton Candy and top off with blue cream soda to give the float another layer of cotton candy color.

You could add a shot of vodka to either of these two drinks. Garnish them both with a tuft of cotton candy pushed onto a long wooden skewer.

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