How to Store Wine

Let us help you with the best way to store your Duplin wine!

Many of us are so excited to find so many wines that we enjoy when visiting our favorite winery (Duplin) that we fill our carts- then our cars. We arrive home and discover that we need to find a place to store it. Storing wine safely – ensuring it will taste the same over the days, weeks and months ahead until you need it – is an important consideration.

Several tips to remember. Keep it still. Wine, particularly red wines, does not fare well when subjected to vibrations- a refrigerator door opening and closing, for example, will harm the integrity of the wine. Keep it sideways. Real cork is wood that is subject to drying- and shrinking. Keeping a cork in contact with the wine will prevent shrinkage. A dry and brittle cork would allow oxygen to enter the bottle. As the air reaches an apple, oxidation occurs, and the apple begins to brown. Oxidation affects wine, in the same manner, the aromas, flavors, and color all start to spoil.

Be sure to store wines in an environment with consistent temperatures. Wines that heat and cool too often tend to spoil quickly. Keep wine in the dark. If wine is in direct light consistently, the flavor will be affected. White wines are most sensitive to light, but reds will decline as well. Keep your wines still, cool, dark and sideways- and if all else fails, you might as well drink it!

*Never throw away a spoiled wine- you can still marinate your favorite meats- or create a delightful salad dressing with wines that taste like vinegar.

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