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Perfect Mother's Day Gifts For Every Mom

Hi, guys! My name is Debbie and I wanted to talk to you today about Mother's Day. I know that Mother's Day is that date that always slips upon us. We get thinking about two or three days before, “I haven't picked out anything for my mom, what am I going to do? What am I going to do for Mom? And if you are like me my Mother's Day present usually gets there three or four days after Mother's Day.

Here's your chance to get your Mother's Day Basket ready ahead of time. We have lots of really cool things in the store and if you'll give us a call we can create a basket especially for your mom.

I want to give you some ideas of what you might want to put in that basket for your mom. If your mom wants to go to the beach, what better than Goin’ Coastal wine? Perfect for the beach, it’s got a picture of the beach right on the label.

While we're on a theme, you can pick a Duplin Logo Beach Towel to go with her Goin’ Coastal wine. We have these great parrot clips, they will hold your beach towel perfectly in place. I absolutely love them and I wouldn't go to the beach without them. Of course, while she's drinking her wine on the beach you need these great sunglass napkins. Put them all together, you’ve got a wonderful gift basket for your mom.

Maybe you want to give items that just say, Mom. We have these great wine glasses, these are done by our very own Ann Farrior. We have Nana's Juice, that would be for those special Grandmas that don’t want to be called Grandma. By the way, I've learned a lot about Grandmas, they have lots of different names. We've got Nana. We've got Gigi. We've got Gammy. We’ve got lots of Grandma names -- but I know there's a lot of Nana's out there. Maybe you want something that just says, “Mommy.” We’ve got a Mommy's Juice glass, for sure.

We also have a “Mom You Are Loved & Special” stemless wine glass. This is a great way to tell your mom that you really love them and that they are special. We never can say that enough. Maybe your mom is just extra sweet, we have Sweet Caroline, perfect gift for mom. Does your mom need a car coaster? Our Best Mom Ever car coaster says it all.

We have a wide selection of dish towels like this one that is garden themed with butterflies all over. In our stores, we have a lot of options to choose from, stop on in and see for yourself.

Hiding in this bag is my favorite bottle of wine, Sangria Rosé. Perfect for summer, perfect for mom. Ever Southern mom has on her pearls, this great gift bag with pearls and wine art is perfect to go along with Sangria Rosé.

Spa Mom Gift Basket

Spa Mom Gift BasketSpa Mom Gift Basket

Beach Mom Gift Basket

Beach Mom Gift BasketBeach Mom Gift Basket

What mom doesn't love a spa day? If she can't go out … and a lot of us can't go out right now … she can do a spa day at home. You can send her a basket with all the stuff she needs to have a totally relaxing day at home. We have bath sugar for a soft and relaxing soak. While you're sitting in that bathtub, open up Sweet Lily. Sip on that Sweet Lily.

We have another scrub here, it’s called Sweet Tea for all of our Southern girls. We have a coffee caramel scrub, we have our Muscadine soap. That'll have you coming out smelling like all of that good wine and Muscadine scent that you love.

A little bubble bath … who doesn’t love a bubble bath? We’ve also got these great slippers. Pop them in the microwave so when she gets out she can put warm slippers on. We have an eye mask. This can either go in the refrigerator or in the microwave, so we have cold and cold options. When she gets done with all this ...here's the perfect mug, “Hello Gorgeous.” You know that mom is gorgeous.

Some of you I know that you secretly have a party mom. She doesn't always tell you that and we don’t always want to admit that our mom is a party mom. We have something perfect for that mom. We’ve got Party Girl Shot Glasses, we’ve got a confetti bank/wine glass, we’ve got a wine bag -- doesn't it just scream party mom? Maybe you want to remind her that she's a party animal, we’ve got the perfect gift bag for her. Your party animal mom might also like this handy-dandy flask bracelet. Nobody's going to ever know that there’s a little wine in there. Maybe it’s a little Pelican Red hiding in her bracelet flask. She’s going to be walking around wearing that bracelet and no one is going to know.

Before party mom goes out, party mom always needs a cosmetic bag to put all of her pretty party getting ready essentials in. A great gift for your mom. Purple and pink Poo-Pourri? What could be better? Everybody needs Poo-Pourri. If you don't know what it is -- it's that thing that makes it all just smell wonderful. Get all your party animal stuff for Mom at Duplin.

All you need to do is call us at 800-774-9634 we'll put together a perfect basket for your perfect mom. Or, you can choose one of our pre-assembled baskets for The Spa Mom and The Beach Mom.

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