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These sparkling wine cocktails are better than a mimosa

Our video series "Dine & Wine" showcases different recipes and cocktail mixes using Duplin Winery wines and gourmet products. Join our host, Frank, as he gets the dish on our Duplin family's favorite eats and drinks. If you have ideas for the show or if you're looking for a recipe, let us know in the comments. Cheers!


If your favorite brunch revolves around champagne and a bottomless mimosa, we have three recipes using Duplin sparkling wines that will get you rethinking your idea of the best weekend drinks. 

We got the idea for these cocktails using Duplin sparkling Sweet Poppy, Sweet Lily and Sweet Rosé when Jonathan’s wife, Leah, shared her favorite way to drink Sweet Poppy. 

Bright, fizzy Sweet Poppy’s hint of peach flavor inspired Leah to spoon a dollop of whipped cream onto a glass of the wine and garnish it with a slice of peach. 

That idea really popped our corks. Next thing we knew, we were riffing the sherbet punch served over the years at so many Southern wedding receptions and baby showers. Instead of pouring ginger ale or lemon-lime soda over lime or orange sherbet in a punch bowl, we dropped a couple of little scoops of raspberry sorbet into a flute and topped it with Sweet Rosé. A thin orange ring was the simple garnish. 

When Chef Bert in The Bistro restaurant at our Rose Hill winery made a delectable syrup using our Blackberry wine, we drizzled a little bit into a flute and poured Sweet Lily into the glass. The final touch was few frozen blueberries or blackberries we simply dropped into the glass.

  1. Sweet Poppy
    Sweet Poppy
    Crisp, Sprightly Flavor
    95% of 100
  1. Sweet Lily
    Sweet Lily
    Lively, Crisp & Fruity
    100% of 100
  1. Sweet Rosé
    Sweet Rosé
    Delightfully Fresh and Crisp
    85% of 100
  1. Blackberry
    Slightly Sweet, Earthy
    94% of 100
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