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Summer Wine Cocktails

Summer has arrived!

Whether you’re hosting a party or just need a refreshing drink on a hot day, a great wine cocktail recipe is always good to have.

After all, what’s a sunny day without a cold drink in hand? Celebrate the season with these delicious summer wine cocktails.

Red and White Sangria
Our Duplin Sangrias feature mango, peach and lemon flavors combined with Muscadine grapes. These sweet, citrus-infused wines are delightful over ice and mixed with your favorite fresh fruit. Mix half red and half white for a tasty blush combination!

Margarita & Pina Colada Sweetzer
It doesn’t get much better than a wine slushie in the sweet summertime. Simply mix ½ a bottle of Duplin wine with the Sweetzer kit of your choice and add to a blender full of ice. The Margarita Sweetzer goes with our Carlos wine and the Pina Colada Sweetzer goes with our Magnolia wine.

Summertime Spritzer
Satisfy your thirst with this easy and sweet wine cocktail. Combine 2 and 2/3 cups of Country Time lemonade mix, 1 ½ bottles of Magnolia wine and a 2-liter bottle of Sundrop. Cheers!

Quick Sangria
In addition to our delicious Sangrias, you can make your own concoction with a bottle of our Sunset Red. This recipe calls for ¼ cup sugar, two tablespoons of rum, ¼ cup orange juice, one orange, one lemon, two peaches, one mango and one bottle of Duplin Sunset Red. In a large pitcher combine all ingredients together and then place it in the refrigerator. Allow the sangria to chill for 2-3 hours before serving.

Duplin’s Homemade Wine Coolers
A wine cooler is a perfect solution for those hot and humid summer days. Our recipe calls one bottle of Sunset Red wine and one can of Ginger Ale. Pour the wine into an ice cube tray and freeze. Once the cubes are ready to go, add 1 or 2 into a glass, and simply pour the ginger ale.

It’s not summer without a delectable wine cocktail, or two. These five recipes are sure to quench your thirst and be a hit all season long!

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