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This Easter pink mimosa is literally sparkling

A glittery Easter brunch mimosa that will make your peeps hop with delight!

The crystal-sparkling sugar on Peeps got us wondering how we could bring all that glitter to a mimosa. We found it! When the Easter Bunny puts out this literally sparkling pink mimosa at brunch, your peeps will hop with delight.

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Icy Orange Blossom is a rad 1980s throwback to Orange Julius

Icy Orange Blossom wine slushie.

Step back to the 1980s magic of hanging out in the mall, playing Pac-Man all day and tuning your Walkman to Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" while you sip an Orange Julius and act like you don't see your crush walking up to say "Oh, hey." That Orange Julius inspires the Icy Orange Blossom. Only, of course, we made it better with Duplin Orange Blossom wine. 

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If you like Pina Coladas, this mimosa is the love that you've looked for

Pina Colada Mimosa is part wine slushie, part mimosa

Give mimosas a tropical spin with a super-easy Pina Colada Mimosa recipe. Part wine slushie, part classic mimosa, this recipe will wow at tiki parties, brunch and girls weekends.

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Strawberry Iced Tea -- with a sweet kick

Strawberry Mint Iced Tea gets a rosé wine kick

Southerners are iced tea experts, and this spiked iced tea hits every mark. Sweet and refreshing, plus a little fizz and a Duplin wine kick. 

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The fizzy St. Patrick's drink that kicks green beer off the bar

Du-Mosa Mimosa is the fizzy St. Patrick's drink that kicks green beer off the bar.

Green beer is dandy, but the St. Patrick's Du-Mosa Mimosa packs a tasty punch sure to put the blarney in your brunch. Somewhere between cocktail and mimosa, it's a fancy green spritzer with a hint of sweet melon.

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Easter brunch: Deviled Eggs with Ham & Candied Jalapenos

Noting beats deviled eggs and baked ham for Easter. These eggs combine them both.

Leftover Easter ham inspired these deliciously different deviled eggs that you'll take to every party, potluck and cookout. Fried, diced ham gives the filling a meaty bite while a touch of wine jelly and candied jalapenos adds a tasty spin on the usual relish. A sprinkling of toasted pecans on top provides an unexpected crunch that will make you wonder why you waited so long to garnish deviled eggs with nuts.

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Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Brunch

Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Brunch

Planning a brunch always seems like a great idea until you realize all of the steps that need to be taken to make it a success. The weekends are a time for fun, family, friends and making new memories. We’re here to share with you some easy tips to throwing a stress-free brunch.

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