Leftover turkey idea: Thanksgiving weekend turkey and waffles

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Ever have those day-after-Thanksgiving contests where everyone tries to create the best turkey sandwich? This year, wow your crowd with something they'll never expect from Thanksgiving leftovers.

We're talking turkey and waffles. No, seriously. Stay with us here. Imagine, crispy waffles -- homemade or the frozen kind from the toaster -- smothered in turkey and plenty of gravy, but not just any gravy. Give our Duplin Thanksgiving Gravy a try. It gets a little hint of muscadine loveliness from Duplin Carlos white wine. If you'd rather add a little sweetness, use Duplin Magnolia.

Add a little dab of leftover cranberry sauce on the side and this Duplin Turkey and Waffles recipe becomes a delicious Black Friday brunch to enjoy while you're online shopping. It also make a great Thanksgiving Weekend dinner. 

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