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Thanksgiving Recipes

A time for family, food, and fun. It is one of the biggest American traditions that we celebrate today.

Remember to be grateful

Thanksgiving is all about remembering what you are thankful for. Gathering around the table and celebrating with your loved ones is just the cherry on top.


Each family has its own unique traditions from the games played after supper, down to who brings which dessert, side dish and turkey. But, you may be tired of the same ole recipes, or maybe you don’t think you can make grandmas stuffing just right.

Here is some inspiration to make your 2019 Thanksgiving supper the best yet!

Festive Cocktails

  • Cranberry Champagne Punch: Perfect for any occasion, from spring, fall to winter! This refreshing cocktail is one that all of your friends will enjoy.
  • Duplin’s Spiced Up Wine: Our spiced wine recipe will warm the spirit of family and friends during cool fall and winter nights. Perfect to sip in front of a fire.
  • Any of your favorite Duplin wines are great to enjoy!
Duplin's Party Pleaser MeatballsDuplin's Party Pleaser Meatballs
Duplin's Party Pleaser Meatballs


Slow Cooker Black River Beef StewSlow Cooker Black River Beef Stew
Slow Cooker Black River Beef Stew


Zesty Scuppernong Green BeansZesty Scuppernong Green Beans
Zesty Scuppernong Green Beans

Side Dishes

Jo Ellen’s Pumpkin SpiceJo Ellen’s Pumpkin Spice
Jo Ellen’s Pumpkin Spice


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