Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Brunch

Planning a brunch always seems like a great idea until you realize all of the steps that need to be taken to make it a success. The weekends are a time for fun, family, friends and making new memories. We’re here to share with you some easy tips to throwing a stress-free brunch. Follow these simple rules, and you’ll be sure to keep your sanity and instead have a blast.

1.) Don’t plan everything alone. As a host, you are allowing others into your home, which is a huge piece of the get-together. Allow others to help out in planning the brunch. Each person can have their own responsibility like bringing the coffee, or a covered dish and of course the wine. Duplin’s sparkling wine creates a perfect mimosa.

2.) Create little flower arrangements. Another important tip to remember when planning brunch is keeping a budget in mind. Everyone loves a beautiful table setting filled with flowers, especially in the spring. Purchase a few bunches of your favorite flower and cut them into smaller bundles. Add the smaller bundles into vases and you are set.

3.) Keep it simple. It doesn’t take much to create a gorgeous table setting. The key is to remember is to keep it simple and give it a creative twist. Place the utensils on a napkin and tie it together with twine. It’s pretty, classy and all within budget!

4.) Provide a sweet treat. You can usually count on some type of croissant, bagel or bread when it comes to brunch. Try out Duplin’s Peanut Muffins with a Hidden Scuppernong Surprise for a sweet treat. We are sure everyone will love them.

5.) Enjoy it. Take the time the night before to get as much done as possible for the party. Allow yourself to be present and in the moment and not worry about perfection. Also, always say yes when people offer to help.

We want to hear from you! What’s your favorite thing about hosting a brunch?

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