A ginger-cinnamon wine cocktail recipe for every occassion

Our video series "Dine & Wine" showcases different recipes and cocktail mixes using Duplin Winery wines and gourmet products. Join our host, Frank, as he gets the dish on our Duplin family's favorite eats and drinks. If you have ideas for the show or if you're looking for a recipe, let us know in the comments. Cheers!

Did you know that wine cocktails were probably the first cocktails? Humans didn't successfully distill alcohol until around the 13th century. Before that people more than likely were drinking wine straight up and wine mixed with delicious things.

Wine is a great base for lots of cocktails. It can add sweetness, complexity and balance to higher alcohol spirits like rum, whiskey and vodka. Duplin Winery Double Punch Party Punch is proof of that.

This drink incorporating Duplin Goin' Coastal blush gets its bite from cinnamon-flavored whiskey and extra-sharp ginger ale. Goin' Coastal sweet fruit and citrus profile temper the spirits and spice just enough to make this cocktail perfect for the holidays or summer days on the beach. It's also a great party punch. Just increase the ingredients around eightfold for a big batch.

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