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Sweet Sox White Sweet Sox Red

Sweet Sox White and Sweet Sox Red are great gifts for your dog sitter, dog walker or anyone else on your Christmas list that loves dogs and other fur babies. 

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas for Great Aunt Sue and Jason, too

It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping! Do you have a long list of people who you need to show your appreciation for, but not a lot of time to find something for each one? Duplin Winery has a wide variety of items that will please everyone on your Christmas list, from Great Aunt Sue to your neighbor, Jason who walks your dog when you go out of town. Let us help you shop and pick the perfect, personalized gift!

Great Aunt Sue Gift IdeasDoes your Great Aunt Sue putter around in the garden and keep fresh flowers as a centerpiece on her dining room table? We think that she would really enjoy our Muscadine Jelly Jar Candle and our Muscadine Wine Glass Candle; their aroma is of freshly plucked grapes in the summertime.

Gift Giving IdeasThen there’s your co-worker, Ashley. You picked her name in the yearly Secret Santa gift-giving office pool. You know she enjoys a glass of wine to relax after she gets everyone settled down on a school night, the Christmas Wine Trio Gift Set would be perfect for her! The wine trio includes Duplin’s Christmas Wine, Naughty & Nice and the new blush, Frost Bite. She might even leave a wine glass out for “Santa” on Christmas Eve, he might need something to warm him up!

Gift Giving IdeasHow about your niece Jessica? She loves camping, bubble baths and country music concerts. She’d enjoy Duplin’s Sweet Rosé for when she’s relaxing in the tub with Chris Stapleton crooning soulfully in the background. While you are at it, throw in a Sweet Rosé Trucker Hat to hold her hair back when she’s hiking to her next camping spot — she’ll think you are the coolest Aunt ever!

Don’t forget your childhood friend, Angela! You know she loves shopping in local stores and reading the latest best-selling books. An excellent selection for her gift would be the Mulling Spices Basket. After a long day at the mall, she can kick back with her new book and warm cup of Duplin’s Spiced wine in front of the fireplace.

Gift Giving IdeasMichelle and David, your friends from graduate school, just purchased their first house and are slowly getting everything perfect so they can have a home warming/holiday party next month. They would certainly appreciate a Quick Pick Blush & Red Six Pack of Duplin’s favorite sweet red wines to replenish their wine stock after the party!

Gift Giving IdeasJason, your neighbor, also deserves a special gift; he comes over and walks your dog when you are running late from work or dog sits when you are on an out-of-town business trip. You are very fortunate he loves animals and doesn’t mind spending time with your fur babies when you can’t. Surprise him with a case of Sweet Sox Red or Sweet Sox White for a sweet way to say thanks!

Gift Giving IdeasYour little sister, Taylor is at art school in Georgia studying to become a 3D animator and dreams of creating new video games when she graduates. She has grown accustomed to dorm life where she walks to the store on the corner in her pajama bottoms; she would definitely love our comfortable zip-up hoodie. It’ll quickly become her go-to sweatshirt on cool nights by the riverfront.

What to get Pop-Pop? You know he enjoys watching birds in the backyard and chasing the squirrels away from his bird feeders. He even has a bird feeder that spins when a squirrel attempts to get into it. You’ve personally seen that squirrel fly like a circus star and land on a branch a couple of feet away! A thoughtful gift for him would be the Coastal Birds Wine Set. It shows him that you pay attention to what interests him!

Mom & Dad Riding BikesLet’s not forget mom and dad! Do they like to do things together, like golfing, riding bikes or traveling in their free time? The Best of Duplin Gift Basket has a little of everything they can try together! They can see which sweet wine they like the best, Scuppernong, Scuppernong Blush or Hatteras Red. With additional tastes of Duplin’s Gourmet Products and an aromatic Muscadine Candle, they will both enjoy this present.

Jasmine CookingAfter Christmas, don’t forget, you’re planning on going to Jasmine’s! She loves to cook new dishes for everyone to try on New Year’s Eve. A wonderful way to say thank you for hosting this year’s party is our Celebrations Quick Pick Three Pack. At the party, everyone can enjoy three of Duplin’s sparkling wines and celebrate when the clock strikes midnight.

If someone your list was left out, please let us know a little about them in the comments below and we’ll pair them up with the perfect present.

Christmas is Sweeter with a little Duplin!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Above: Duplin’s Muscadine Candles are an excellent gift for those who love to tinker in the garden.

Above: Looking for something sweet, but not too sweet for an office co-worker? Duplin’s Christmas Wine Trio is a present that will be loved by any receiver!

Above: Duplin’s Zip Up Hoodies are an excellent Christmas Gift for the college student in your life.

Above: For the bird watcher in your family, select the Coastal Birds Gift Set as their Christmas present.

Above: Perfect for any type of party, the Celebrations Quick Pick Three Pack is a top pick for a gift for the hostess.


  1. tim akers

    what would you recommend for me. I wont a wine that don’t have a bitter after taste

    • Duplin Winery

      Hi Tim! All of our wines are made with a muscadine grape, so they all have a naturally sweet flavor. It is a great time of the year to try our Christmas Wine Trio that includes Christmas Wine, Frost Bite and Naughty & Nice. These are a red, blush and white wine that all have a smooth and sweet flavor. If we can help you with anything else, please let us know. Thank you!


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