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duplinvinesComing Soon August 2017! 

Can you believe that 2016 is almost at the end? What a year it has been at Duplin Winery! I hope that each and every one of you has had a fantastic year too.

This harvest season has been imperative to us. There were two major freezes in April that ending up causing damage to our vines in North Carolina. Because of this, we are anticipating a 30-40% loss, but we are working hard on building new relationships and finding new grapes to purchase.

We take every bump in the road that comes our way and always look for the blessing in it. While it is still too early for us to tell you all how the season will end, we can inform you that something beautiful came from it.

Even with the frost, our harvest was able to produce some high-quality wines due to the added stress on the grapes. Our goal is to take advantage of this and create something new we have been trying to do for years. We have taken the free run juice from some of the sweetest grapes and placed it in a tank at cooler temperatures than usual to slow down the fermentation process. While we can’t give away everything happening behind the scenes, we can tell you that this should be some of the best wine Duplin has ever produced, which is why it will only be available to our Heritage Club members. You will not find this wine in the grocery stores or out for anyone else to buy.

This unique wine will debut in the August club shipment. We hope that you will stay tuned over the next several months and come on the journey with us during our winemaking process.

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