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Duplin Coastal Shag and Summertime Strut

Duplin Winery Releases Two New Dry Wines

Introducing Coastal Shag & Summertime Strut

Duplin Winery releases two all-new muscadine wines this July – Summertime Strut and Coastal Shag. With the addition of Summertime Strut and Coastal Shag to its product list, Duplin Winery has over 40 delicious muscadine wines for its fans to enjoy.

Summertime Strut is an aromatic white wine made with early harvest Doreen and Carlos grapes that combine perfectly to offer a modern, fresh and fruity blend. Coastal Shag is a light-bodied red wine with a fruity start and smooth finish. Coastal Shag is made with young Noble grapes that are picked at their earliest sign of ripeness to provide an easy blend with Coastal James grapes.

Both wines will now be the driest wines offered at Duplin Winery. Summertime Strut and Coastal Shag both contain 10.5% alcohol, .3% sugar, and are priced at $12.99. The low percentage of sugar is what distinguishes them as Duplin’s driest wines. “We have many customers that wanted to see additional dry wines on our product list and we love making our extended family happy. We made it happen and are pleased with the outcome,” said Jonathan Fussell, Co-owner of Duplin Winery. “We have been busy coming up with new wines this year, and we aren’t finished with the surprises just yet.”

Visit Duplin Winery this summer to taste its newest releases – Summertime Strut, Coastal Shag, and Sweet Rosé. Summertime Strut and Coastal Shag can be purchased online and at both Duplin Winery stores located in Rose Hill, NC and North Myrtle Beach, SC.


  1. Bill Parham

    I still live in Houston and can’t buy Duplin wines locally. When do you expect to have your products available in my area?


    WC “Bill” Parham

    • Duplin Winery

      We are constantly striving to expand our distribution in different states and work closely with distributors and varying state laws. The best way for us to get into different stores is to have our customers keep asking store managers for their favorite wines! Thank you for your support and all that you do.

      • Samantha

        The picture on the bottle says Coastal Shag but the entire article references Carolina Shag. That’s a little confusing.

        • Duplin Winery

          Oh dear, I guess we had Carolina on our mind when we writing about Coastal Shag! Thank you for pointing that out, we have updated the article! Cheers!

  2. Bev

    Will the Coastal Shag & Summertime Strut be in the next club shipment

    • Duplin Winery

      No, they are not going to be in the next Club Shipment. But, there is a special new wine that is exclusively for Club Members that will be in there! Cheers!


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