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Fall Bucket List

With fall officially here, it’s time to celebrate the season. It’s our favorite time of the year to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and cooler weather with family and friends. Make this season the best yet with this fall bucket list.

  • Indulge in Toil & Trouble - Our delicious Toil & Trouble is sure to become a fall favorite in your home. Simply simmer this wine with brown sugar, water, sugar and a tablespoon of honey for one hour. Steep the spices for five minutes and serve.
  • Apple Picking – Tis’ the season for apple picking! This fall tradition is something the entire family can enjoy together. It’s a great way to get fresh air and bring home a tasty treat.
  • Go to a Haunted House - Are you ready for an adrenaline rush? It wouldn’t be fall without allowing yourself to get into the spooky spirit! Take a ghost tour in your town or gather some friends together for a frightful night at a haunted house.
  • Try a New Pumpkin Recipe - This time of year calls for pumpkin flavored everything! Why not try out a new pumpkin recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth? Bake this tasty Pumpkin Spice Roll for your next get together.
  • Make a Thankful List – Thanksgiving is when many people take the time to be thankful for everything they have. However, it’s always a good time to create a habit of waking up each day with gratitude. Each day acknowledge something you are grateful for and record it in a journal.
  • Relax by the Bonfire - Fall is the best time of the year to enjoy a cozy campfire with family and friends. Don’t forget to get the necessities to create some tasty s’mores. And of course, don’t forget the Duplin!
  • Go on a Bike Ride - Gather up family and friends and take in the beautiful weather on a bike trail. The crisp fall air is just what your soul needs for the season. Explore new areas with one another and create a new tradition.
  • Eat Candy – While you may be past the age of trick-or-treating, you are never too old to enjoy some sweets. Stay tuned to our monthly blogs, as our next series goes over Duplin wine and candy pairings!
  •  Go to a Pumpkin Patch – This is a must during the season. Exploring a pumpkin patch will get you outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather. Plus, you can create home decor with the pumpkins you take home!
  • Play in the Leaves – Even if you don’t have kids, it’s okay to let your inner child out while raking your backyard. It may seem like less of a chore when you can be excited about jumping into the pile afterward!

What fall activity are you most looking forward to this season? Our fall bucket list is a great place to start!

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