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Duplin Media Library

Are you a distributor, retail establishment or in the media needing images for your websites or articles?

Here are some of our product shots and logos that you may use. If you are needing something specific that isn’t currently listed, please email and let us know what you are looking for.

Duplin Wine

Alcohol-Free Muscadine

• AF Muscadine Product Shot

Alcohol-Free Muscadine Cider

• AF Muscadine Cider Product Shot
• AF Muscadine Cider Front Label

Alcohol-Free Scuppernong

• AF Scuppernong Product Shot

Beaufort Bay

• Beaufort Bay Product Shot
• Beaufort Bay Front Label
• Beaufort Bay Back Label


• Blackberry Product Shot
• Blackberry Front Label
• Blackberry Back Label

Black River Red

• Black River Red Product Shot
• Black River Red Front Label
• Black River Red Back Label

Brice’s Creek

• Brice’s Creek Product Shot
• Brice’s Creek Front Label
• Brice’s Creek Back Label


• Burgundy Product Shot
• Burgundy Front Label
• Burgundy Back Label


• Carlos Product Shot
• Carlos Front Label
• Carlos Back Label

Carolina Red

• Carolina Red Product Shot
• Carolina Red Front Label
• Carolina Red Back Label

Coastal Shag

• Carolina Shag Product Shot
• Coastal Shag Front Label
• Coastal Shag Back Label

Christmas Eve

• Christmas Eve Product Shot
• Christmas Eve Front Label
• Christmas Eve Back Label

Christmas Wine

• Christmas Wine Product Shot
• Christmas Wine Front Label
• Christmas Wine Back Label


• Cool Product Shot
• Cool Front Label
• Cool Back Label


• Easy Product Shot
• Easy Front Label
• Easy Back Label

Goin’ Coastal

• Goin’Coastal Product Shot
• Goin’ Coastal Front Label
• Goin’ Coastal Back Label

Frost Bite

• Frost Bite Product Shot
• Hatteras Red Front Label
• Hatteras Red Back Label

Hatteras Red

• Hatteras Red Product Shot
• Hatteras Red Front Label
• Hatteras Red Back Label


• Magnolia Product Shot
• Magnolia Front Label
• Magnolia Back Label

Midnight Magnolia

• Midnight Magnolia Product Shot
• Midnight Magnolia Front Label
• Midnight Magnolia Back Label


• Mothervine Product Shot
• Mothervine Front Label
• Mothervine Magnolia Back Label

Naughty & Nice

• Naughty & Nice Product Shot
• Naughty & Nice Front Label
• Naughty & Nice Back Label

Pelican Red

• Pelican Red Product Shot
• Pelican Red Nice Front Label
• Pelican Red Nice Back Label

Pink Magnolia

• Pink Magnolia Product Shot
• Pink Magnolia Front Label
• Pink Magnolia Back Label

Sangria Red

• Sangria Red Product Shot
• Sangria Red Front Label
• Sangria Red Back Label

Sangria White

• Sangria White Product Shot
• Sangria White Front Label
• Sangria White Back Label


• Scuppernong Product Shot
• Scuppernong Front Label
• Scuppernong Back Label

Scuppernong Blush

• Scuppernong Blush Product Shot
• Scuppernong Blush Front Label
• Scuppernong Blush Back Label

Sippin’ Sweet

• Sippin’ Sweet Product Shot
• Sippin’ Sweet Label

Summertime Strut

• Summertime Strut Product Shot
• Summertime Strut Front Label
• Summertime Strut Back Label

Sunset Red

• Sunset Red Product Shot
• Sunset Red Front Label
• Sunset Red Back Label

Sweet Caroline

• Sweet Caroline Product Shot
• Sweet Caroline Front Label
• Sweet Caroline Back Label

Sweet Sox Red

• Sweet Sox Red Product Shot
• Sweet Sox Red Front Label
• Sweet Sox Red Back Label

Sweet Sox White

• Sweet Sox White Product Shot
• Sweet Sox White Front Label
• Sweet Sox Red Back Label

Sweet Muscadine

• Sweet Product Shot
• Sweet Front Label

Toil & Trouble

• Toil & Trouble Product Shot
• Toil & Trouble Front Label
• Toil & Trouble Back Label

Sweet Rosé

• Sweet Rosé Product Shot
• Sweet Rosé Front Label
• Sweet Rosé Back Label

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