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Pairing Duplin Wine with Halloween Candy

October 31st, the best night of the year!

Nothing makes us happier than an evening of pairing buckets full of Halloween candy with the perfect Duplin Wine! Although pairing the candy to the wine is not quite rocket science (really any wine will do), it’s fun to match your favorites!

Years ago, everybody passed out chocolate. Hershey bars, Kisses, and Chocolate M & M’s to name a few. The key to a good wine pairing is to match sweetness to sweetness and weight to weight! A heavier chocolate treat like a Hershey Bar or Kiss deserves more substantial sweet red wine… Carolina Red or even the American Port would be a great pair.

Lightening up the chocolate, the M $ M’s or Kit Kat bars will pair well with a sweet and lighter red wine. Hatteras Red, Black River Red, or Easy will do!

Sweet candy, with added saltiness and textures, gives the drinker an option to be complimentary or congruent. A complimentary pairing may include a bubbly, like a sparkling wine or a fruity drier selection, like Pink Magnolia. Congruently we match sweet for sweet and drink the lighter sweet reds. Sweet Caroline or Sunset Red would hit the spot!

In recent years, the Skittles, the Nerds, and Sour Patch candies have emerged as fall time favorites. Pair the fruitiness with the candy to the fruitiness of the wine. Sour Patch Kids pair well with the tangy Magnolia, serving up full fruit with a dry finish. Magnolia with its crisp citrus tones will also make the Nerds pop and the Skittles smooth!

What Halloween treats are you looking most forward to having with your Duplin wine this year?


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