Pinky Raisin' Wine Tasting Kit

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Customize Pinky Raisin' Wine Tasting Kit
1 x Christmas Wine   + $9.99
1 x Cotton Candy   + $16.99
1 x Hatteras Red Reserve   + $19.99
1 x Holly Rosé   + $14.99
1 x Moonlight Bliss   + $14.99
1 x Mothervine Reserve   + $45.00
1 x Muscadine Cider   + $7.99
1 x Naughty & Nice   + $9.99
1 x Pum'kin   + $14.99
1 x Jolly Juice Sweetzer Mix   + $9.99
1 x Jingle Spice   + $4.99
1 x Christmas Wine Jelly   + $7.99
1 x Savannah Grace Tradtional Cheese Straws   + $6.99

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Pinky Raisin' Wine Tasting Kit
Pinky Raisin' Wine Tasting Kit

In stock


What's in the bundle?

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    Every new wine and our best reserves!

    We don't raise pinkies around here much but this deluxe collection is so worthy. Gather all your favorite wine-loving people to share every new wine Duplin released in 2021 plus our beloved holiday wines. You'll get Cotton Candy, ultra-smooth Hatteras Red Reserve, coveted Mothervine Reserve and our 2021 Christmas wine, Holly Rosé. 

    Thise tasting kit serves 8 wines, including fall's essential Pum'kin red with a hint of cozy spice. We added fixings for our Jinle Spice spiced wine and Jolly Juice Sweetzer wine slushie mixes. Because this package is so special, we popped in elegant Savannah Grace Traditional Cheese staws, a jar of Duplin Gourmet Christmas Wine Jelly and recipes for party meatballs and Brie cheese tarts that call for the delectable jelly. This is the Pinky Raising Holiday Party everyone will be talking about. 

    For a limited time, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on this special wine tasting kit!

    Once you receive your wine tasting package, follow along with our Pinky Raisin' Wine Tasting video and notes. Learn the Five S's of wine tasting, discover new wines and rate each wine on the Pinky Raisin' Wine Tasting Score Card.

    Free shipping excluded for the following locations: Hawaii and Alaska. For additional information, please contact us at 1-800-774-9634. No substitutions on wine, no additional discounts apply.

    Mix and match any combination of twelve of your favorite Duplin wines! Active Heritage Club Members will receive a 25% off case discount, military receives 15% off and the general public receives 10% off. Not applicable on free shipping sales.
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