These savory treats are perfect additions to any gathering, from barbeques to sports events.

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  • Candied Jalapeno Pirate Candy™

    Candied Jalapeños

    Sweet, Hot and Highly Addictive
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  • Homemade Gourmet Crackers

    Homemade Crackers Made Fresh
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  • Muscadine Buds Hard Candy

    Muscadine Buds

    Gluten-Free Hard Candy
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  • Bertie County Souci Peanuts

    Smoky Sans Souci Peanuts

    Smoky Hot Peanuts
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  • Candied Jalapeno Bacon Salsa™

    Candied Jalapeño Bacon Salsa™

    Everything is Better with Bacon
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  • Duplin Mulling Spices

    Duplin Mulling Spice

    Mulling Spice to Make Hot Spiced Wine
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  • Honey Kissed Candied Banana Peppers

    Honey Kissed Candied Banana Peppers

    Tangy Banana Peppers with a Kick
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  • Spiced Wine Set

    Spiced Wine Set

    Complete Mulling Spice Set
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  • Blister Fried Peanuts

    Peanuts are blister fried for a unique crunch and flavor
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  • Sea Salt & Pepper Peanuts

    Simple and Tasty
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  • Honey Roasted Peanuts

    Lightly salted and sugary
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