Hatteras Red

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  • Chocolatini Sweetzer Gift Basket

    Chocolate Wine Slushie Gift Set
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  • Chocolatini Sweetzer Mix

    Chocolate Flavored Wine Slushie Mix
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  • Chocolatini Sweetzer Set

    Chocolate Wine Slushie Mix and Hatteras Red Wine
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  • Hatteras Red Wine Jelly

    Made from Duplin Winery's Hatteras Red
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  • The Best of Duplin Gift Basket

    Great Gift That Includes Duplin Wines, Shop > All Pantry and Candle
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  • Duplin Mulling Spices

    Duplin Mulling Spice

    Mulling Spice to Make Hot Spiced Wine
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  • Spiced Wine Set

    Spiced Wine Set

    Complete Mulling Spice Set
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