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Sweet Rosé Lemonade

Rosé All Day with Duplin Wine

Sweeten your day with these Sweet Rosé wine how-to’s and recipes!

This May, we released Sweet Rosé – our newest addition to our products list. Duplin Winery specializes in Muscadine wines, so naturally, this wine is made with a secret blend of delicious Muscadine grapes, just with an added fizz. Since our last product release in 2016, we have worked to create the perfect blend of red and white muscadines for the Sweet Rosé AND it finally arrived.

If we were to describe Sweet Rosé, we would say that Sweet Rosé is incredibly refreshing with a delightfully fresh and crisp flavor. This blush will enliven your senses with its vibrant and fruity aroma. Each sip is one to be relished and shared with good company. Best served chilled.

How to ‘Rosé All Day’:

1. Stock up on Duplin’s Sweet Rosé
2. Clear a day on your calendar
3. Invite experienced ‘Rosé All Day’ers’ (AKA anyone who needs an excuse to spend the day sipping Rosé with you)
4. Open Sweet Rosé
5. Pour Sweet Rosé
6. Remember, you can’t ‘Rosé All Day’ if you don’t start in the morning!
7. A recommended step is adding a delicious brunch to your day!

Our Favorite Sweet Rosé Recipes:

1. Sweet Rosé Bellini

• Add 1-part Peach Purée and 3-parts Sweet Rosé.
• OR, add 1-part Peach Schnapps and 3-parts Sweet Rosé.

2. Moscow Mule Mimosa

• Add 1-part vodka, 1-part fresh lime juice, 2-parts ginger beer, and 2-parts Sweet Rosé. Then garnish with lime wedges and mint leaves!

3. Sweet Rosé Lemonades

• Pour half a glass of store-bought lemonade (or homemade if that’s how you roll) in your glass, then finish with Sweet Rosé and garnish with a lemon wedge! You can use regular lemonade or pink lemonade – we recommend regular since Sweet Rosé is already pink!
• Rim champagne flutes with a lemon wedge and dip in sugar for an extra garnish!

4. Raspberry Rosé Coolers

• Fill champagne flute with ¾ Sweet Rosé and add 1 small scoop of Raspberry Sorbet. Garnish with frozen raspberries!

5. Sweet Rosé Jell-O Shots

• Mix Jell-O mix and plain gelatin in a bowl and stir. Pour in 1 cup of boiling water and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Slowly pour in 3 cups of chilled Sweet Rosé and stir gently and let the bubbles to pop. Pour the Jell-O mix into individual containers or in an 8x8 dish. Cover and chill until firm.
• For an extra garnish, add sprinkles or edible glitter on top before chilling.

Above: Sweet Rosé can be purchased at either Duplin Winery location or online. When purchased by the case, Heritage Club Members receive a 25% off case discount on 12 Duplin wines and the general public can receive 20% discount.


1. Add orange juice for a classic Rosé-mosa!
2. Add mint leaves for a hint of mint and pretty garnish!
3. Add cinnamon whiskey for a kick!
4. Add fresh fruit or frozen fruit for a pretty garnish!
5. Add pomegranate juice and seeds!

Above: Sweet Rosé can be purchased at either Duplin Winery location or online. When purchased by the case, Heritage Club Members receive a 25% off case discount on 12 Duplin wines and the general public can receive 20% discount.

Above: At either Duplin location, you can find Sweet Rosé apparel and accessories to let others know it’s a Sweet Rosé kinda day!


  1. Sylvia Comiskey

    Love these, thanks for sharing. We can’t wait to try several of these. Sweet Rose is one of my favorites.

    • Duplin Winery

      Let us know what you think! Thank you for your support, cheers!

  2. Tiana Tribble

    I would like to know what what the alcohol percentage is on the sweet Rose as well as the other wines

    • Duplin Winery

      Sweet Rosé’s alcohol percentage is 10.5%. Out of our wines, the lowest alcohol percentage is 10% with Cool, Sweet and Easy and up to 13% with some of our traditional Muscadine wines, such as Burgundy. If there is one, in particular, you are interested in, let us know! Cheers!


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