Spring Cheesecake & Wine Pairing


Duplin Winery at Rose Hill, NC

505 North Sycamore St. Rose Hill, NC 28458

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Cheesecake & Wine Pairing

April 21, 2023 • 3:00 pm
April 22, 2023 • 11:00 am – 3:00 pm


Limited space is available

Siptastic Cheesecake Experience

People drive for hours for a slice of Chef Tabatha’s famous cheesecake. Now you can taste four incredible flavors. Every silky, sweet serving is paired with a different Duplin wine!

Only 14 tickets are available for each of these exclusive tastings. And those tickets will last about as long as a slice of Tabatha’s cheesecake: Nanoseconds.

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Your ticket includes:

• Homecooked delights.
• 2 glasses of wine.
• Raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize!
• Exclusive deals and discounts.
• Live music!

Cheesecake & Wine PairingCheesecake & Wine Pairing
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