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Sweeten your Family Time

The holidays and celebrations have come to an end and the busy season is over. In the New Year, we return to our regular routines. While we may fall back into these habits, we must remember what is most important, and that is spending quality time with our loved ones and families. At Duplin Winery, we believe that family time is everything, and we’ve got some ideas just for you on how to make these moments count.

Make Dinner Together

Make Dinner Together: While most families try to have dinner together every evening, making it together can be a game changer. Find a delicious recipe that everyone will enjoy and have some fun! Duplin’s Muscadine Barbeque Pork Roast recipe is an excellent option with plenty of steps to get everyone involved.

Take a Walk

Consider taking a walk together outside after you’ve finished your family dinner. It’s a great way to unplug from devices and truly enjoy time together.

Give Back

Our goal at Duplin Winery is to give back every way that we possibly can and help those in need. Giving back together as a family can be extremely rewarding. comments below!

Learn Something New

Learning something new alone can be a challenge. Find something the entire family would enjoy and do it together. It will not only help communication but also build your relationship.

Enjoy a Movie

Plan one night a week for a movie night. Don’t forget all the essentials from the popcorn, candy, and, of course, Duplin wine (for the adults!).

What have you done to sweeten your family time? Let us know in the comments below!


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