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Planting a Seed

Duplin Pink Magnolia Wine

Planting a Seed

Do you remember the first time you planted a seed and watched it grow? Maybe you pushed a zinnia seed into some dirt in a paper cup at school, hoping it would bloom in time to take home for Mother’s Day. Or maybe you soaked a lima bean and placed it in a damp paper towel to sprout. Or perhaps you grew up on a farm, where planting was a family affair on a much bigger scale.

There’s nothing like getting your hands into the soil to grow your fresh food and flowers. Whether you live in a city with a community garden, in the country with an expansive view of the land, or somewhere in between, you can create a garden that’s perfect for your space. A pot of cherry tomatoes on a city balcony, rows of corn and beans on acres of land, an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, hanging planters full of flowers on your front porch … big or small, you can connect to nature in your own way.

Think of your family’s favorite types of meals. Are you Italian foodies? Plant lots of tomatoes and onions, along with basil, oregano and other herbs. Is Mexican more your style? Don’t forget the hot peppers and cilantro!

Get some inspiration for your garden from our recipes that feature Duplin wines and gourmet products. For example, check out our Macaroni Shrimp Salad, and then plant the onions, radishes, tomatoes and green bell peppers that will bring a homegrown freshness to your dish. Fresh grown broccoli and red onions will blend perfectly with our Mango and Broccoli Salad dressed with Duplin’s Muscadine-Orange Poppyseed Dressing.

Why not plant some strawberries in a pot and then slice them up into a cold glass of Duplin’s Sangria Red once ripe? Dress up your Pink Magnolia with raspberries and blackberries and a lime slice for a refreshing summer treat.

Surround yourself with flowers, as well! Flowers bring butterflies and birds, and they bring colorful beauty to your patio and table. Enjoy a bottle Duplin’s new Sweet Rosé, then fill the empty bottle with water and some fresh cuttings from your flower garden for a simple centerpiece on your patio table. Now that’s a beautiful way to recycle!

Above: Macaroni Shrimp Salad. Below: Mango and Broccoli Salad.

At Duplin, we’re planting, too! If you visit us at our Rose Hill location, you may notice that we’ve added almost 200 acres to our vineyards this season. Muscadine vines are getting bigger each day as the days become warmer and warmer. In a few short years, those vines will yield sweet, delicious grapes — and that means more fresh and fruity muscadine wine for you.

So, get your hands in the dirt. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Then sit back and enjoy a glass of your favorite Duplin wine on a warm summer evening and celebrate the fruits of your gardening labors.


Cook with these delicious Duplin Gourmet Products:

  • Muscadine Pineapple Habanero Salsa

    Mix with Cream Cheese for a Mouth Watering Treat!
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  • Homemade Gourmet Crackers

    Homemade Crackers Made Fresh
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  • Sweet Bourbon Glaze

    Great on Grilled Salmon, Pork and Chicken
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  • Duplin Mulling Spices

    Duplin Mulling Spice

    Mulling Spice to Make Hot Spiced Wine
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Sweeten your Family Time

Sweeten your Family Time

The holidays and celebrations have come to an end and the busy season is over. In the New Year, we return to our regular routines. While we may fall back into these habits, we must remember what is most important, and that is spending quality time with our loved ones and families. At Duplin Winery, we believe that family time is everything, and we’ve got some ideas just for you on how to make these moments count.

Make Dinner Together

Make Dinner Together: While most families try to have dinner together every evening, making it together can be a game changer. Find a delicious recipe that everyone will enjoy and have some fun! Duplin’s Muscadine Barbeque Pork Roast recipe is an excellent option with plenty of steps to get everyone involved.

Take a Walk

Consider taking a walk together outside after you’ve finished your family dinner. It’s a great way to unplug from devices and truly enjoy time together.

Give Back

Our goal at Duplin Winery is to give back every way that we possibly can and help those in need. Giving back together as a family can be extremely rewarding. comments below!

Learn Something New

Learning something new alone can be a challenge. Find something the entire family would enjoy and do it together. It will not only help communication but also build your relationship.

Enjoy a Movie

Plan one night a week for a movie night. Don’t forget all the essentials from the popcorn, candy, and, of course, Duplin wine (for the adults!).

What have you done to sweeten your family time? Let us know in the comments below!

Life Is Sweeter With Duplin