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Duplin Winery Tours

A visit to Rose Hill is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, beginning the day with a Duplin Winery tour. Every member of the Duplin Winery family is well trained, professional, and excited to share a guided tour through our Rose Hill production area. Start by heading over to the retail room, located at the winery, and sign up for a tour time. After you have signed up for a Duplin Winery tour, a staff member will guide you to the Duplin production area.

A leisurely indoor walk through the largest production facility on the East Coast, boasting a 1.5 million gallon capacity, is sure to impress. From the crushing pad to the bottling line, each guest will see firsthand the process behind the production of award-winning wines. The production tour has some stops and starts and lasts about 30 minutes.

There is some walking involved, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes! For questions on our production tour call, 1-800-774-9634.