4 reasons why screw caps are better than corks

Screw caps used to make wine lovers crazy. Anyone serious about wine thought a screw cap meant inferior wine. Today, screw caps are a quality standard at the best wineries. Experts know that screw caps, affectionately called "twisties" by some winemakers, are just plain better for wine. That's why we have been transitioning to screw caps since 2021 on all Duplin wines.

Our new Cotton Candy wines have screw caps. We've put twisties on our best-selling Hatteras Red, too. Here's why screw caps mean you'll be experiencing premium wine every time you buy Duplin.

Better wine

Studies show screw caps keep wines fresher longer, from bottling to you putting the cap back on at home. Screw caps have been around since the 1950s, but they started popping up on high-quality wines in the mid-1970s after Australian winemakers got tired of battling wine quality issues caused by natural corks. A 10-year study by the Australian Wine Research Institute found that wine sealed with screw caps retained the most freshness over time. 

Gold standard

Some of the world’s best wineries, including those in France, Italy and America, have turned to screw caps to ensure excellent wine, as have top sparkling winemakers. Nearly all wine produced in Australia and most wine in New Zealand have screw caps. As "Wine 101" podcast host Keith Beavers told VinePair, “screw caps are used all over the wine industry. You can bet there are fine producers using screw caps even in Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Chianti.” Switching to screw caps is a decision that winemakers have not taken lightly. They care most about wine quality. “Any time winemakers make a staunch decision,” Beaver said, “it is a huge deal.”  


Duplin aluminum screw caps are made with recycled materials and are recyclable. It’s part of our ongoing efforts to protect the planet. In addition to recyclable screw caps, we’ve installed solar panels and wastewater treatment systems in our warehouse and production areas. In 2022, we're lowering our carbon footprint by bringing home the full production of our effervescent wines Sweet Rosé, Sweet Poppy and Sweet Lily, which, by the way, have always had screw caps. Twisties do an exceptional job of keeping fizzy wines fizzy. We’ve been transporting those wines to out-of-state companies that offer carbonation services. We’ll do that carbonation ourselves by summer thanks to a new bottling line under construction. The seamless system carbonates and bottles wine before twisting on screw caps.

Quick & Easy

Screw caps are a breeze to open. No more fighting cork screws. That means you’ll start sipping sooner. If you don’t finish your wine, no worries. Just put the screw cap back on the bottle and then pop it into the refrigerator. The cap will keep air out of the bottle, meaning your wine will still taste great when you’re ready for another glass.

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