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  1. Queen Anne's Bounty
    Queen Anne's Bounty

    Blackbeard's Voyage

  2. Burgundy Wine

    Soft Dry, Hint of Fruit

  3. Coastal Shag
    Coastal Shag

    Dry, Fruity and Light-Bodied

  4. Pelican Red
    Pelican Red

    Medium, Sweet Red

  5. Easy Wine
    Easy Wine

    Fresh, Mellow

  6. Carolina Red Reserve
    Carolina Red Reserve

    Robust Fruity Aroma

  7. Sweet Poppy
    Sweet Poppy

    Crisp, Sprightly Flavor

  8. Queen Anne's Revenge
    Queen Anne's Revenge

    Complex, Full-Bodied & Sweet

  9. Carolina Red
    Carolina Red

    Velvety Sweet

  10. Sunset Red
    Sunset Red

    Sweet, Fruity, Complex Finish

  11. Sippin' Sweet
    Sippin' Sweet

    Sweet, Smooth Finish

  12. Pum'kin Wine

    Crisp Start, Smooth Finish

  13. Black River Red Reserve
    Black River Red Reserve

    Exotic and Smooth

  14. Hatteras Red
    Hatteras Red

    Sweet, Fruity Red

  15. Sangria Red
    Sangria Red

    Citrusy, Strawberry

  16. Black River Red
    Black River Red

    Sweet, Smooth

  17. Mulling Spices Basket
    Mulling Spices Basket

    Sweet Spiced Wine Gift Set

  18. Spiced Wine Set
    Spiced Wine Set

    Complete Mulling Spice Set

  19. Sweet Caroline
    Sweet Caroline

    Sweet, Fruity Red

  1. Sip n' Savor Home Wine Tasting
    Sip N' Savor Home Wine Tasting

    Summer Virtual Tasting

  2. Summertime Strut
    Summertime Strut

    Dry, Light and Crisp

  3. Carlos Wine

    Fruity, Soft Dry

  4. Magnolia Wine

    Sweet, Medium White

  5. Midnight Magnolia
    Midnight Magnolia

    Sweet, Elegant Fruit

  6. Sangria White
    Sangria White

    Citrusy, Peach, Mango

  7. Brice's Creek
    Brice's Creek

    Floral Start, Smooth Finish

  8. Sweet Lily
    Sweet Lily

    Lively, Crisp & Fruity

  9. Beaufort Bay
    Beaufort Bay

    Sweet, Fruity Bouquet

  10. Double Bubbles, set of Sweet Poppy and Sweet Lily
    Double Bubbles

    Perfect Summer Pair

  11. Scuppernong

    Fruity, Sweet White

  12. Sweet Wine
    Sweet Wine

    Sweet, Clean, Light

  13. Mothervine Wine
    Mothervine Wine

    Traditional Scuppernong

  1. Bubbles Trio: Sweet Poppy, Sweet Lily and Sweet Rosé
    Bubbles Trio

    Perfect for Mimosas

  2. Goin' Coastal Vintage
    Goin' Coastal Vintage

    Retro Throwback Label

  3. Pink Magnolia
    Pink Magnolia

    Medium, Sweet, Fruity

  4. Sangria Rosé
    Sangria Rosé

    Mellow, Fruity & Citrusy

  5. Bald Head Red
    Bald Head Red

    Slightly Sweet, Floral

  6. Sweet Rosé
    Sweet Rosé

    Delightfully Fresh and Crisp

  7. Cool Wine
    Cool Wine

    Mellow, Fruity Blush

  8. Scuppernong Blush
    Scuppernong Blush

    Sweet, Mellow Blush

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