Non-alcoholic sweet wines worth sipping and mixing

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If you’re one of those people who can’t imagine life without muscadine wine, we hear you, but muscadine grapes are so distinctively delicious that their sweet juice is tasty even in alcohol-free wine. 

Everyone gets to raise a glass of no-alcohol wines. They’re perfect at special events where you’re toasting folks not old enough to drink or as a sipper for non-drinkers no matter the occasion. Blend a little of our alcohol-free Scuppernong white with a little sparkling water for a bubbly drink to serve in champagne flutes when it’s time to raise a glass. 

The wines also work when you’re looking to add a little muscadine flavor to cocktail recipes. If you like mimosas for brunch, try substituting our alcohol-free Muscadine red for orange juice at your next brunch. 

Come holiday time, there's alcohol-free Muscadine Cider to mix with mulling spices.

Of course, these wines are mightly fine poured over ice or served chilled in little juice glasses at breakfast. Muscadine grapes are full of polyphenols, which are loaded with good-for-you antioxidants. Here’s to your health! Cheers!

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