You've been doing bacon crackers all wrong!

Bacon crackers are the ultimate Super Bowl snack. They're the MVPs of March Madness too. In fact, bacon crackers work at every occassion that calls for nibbles, especially when you Duplinize the basic bacon crackers recipe.

We took bacon baked on a simple Club-style cracker to even tastier levels in three ways.

  1. Our out-of-this-world version trades thin Club-style crackers for thick Duplin Gourmet Homemade Crackers for a hearty bite no one can resist.
  2. Forget basic brown sugar to candy the bacon while it bakes on the cracker. We brushed the bacon in our version with zesty Duplin Gourmet Muscadine Pepper Jelly.
  3. Duplinized bacon crackers are irresistible on their own, of course, but they're even better with the famous cheese dip we serve in Duplin tasting rooms loaded on top.

We also have a few pro tips for making these extra-special bacon crackers. Stick to thin-sliced bacon. It adheres best to the crackers. Also, use the meatiest parts of the bacon. We trimmed off the fatty parts at the ends of each slice. And we cut the bacon slices to fit perfectly over each cracker or let the bacon overlap a bit. That's because the bacon will shrink as it bakes, and you don't want too much cracker exposed in the process.

Pair these crackers with a great sangria. Pour no-fuss Duplin Sangria Red, Sangria White or Sangria Rosé well chilled or chose from our list of the 10 Best Sangria and Margarita Recipes.

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