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4th of July celebrations: 10 wines intertwined with America's story

Party on the 4th Tasting Kit

Make this 4th of July an unforgettable celebration filled with spectacular fireworks displays, cherished memories and wines that embody the essence of America. Our nation's rich winemaking history began with the cultivation of America's native muscadine grapes, and we are thrilled to offer you a selection of 10 different Duplin muscadine wines in our brand new Party of the 4th wine tasting kit.

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The best wines for delightful outdoor drinking

The best wines for outdoor drinking on the patio

The first day of spring is March 19 this year. So you must be asking: What wine pairs best with the scent of tulips around my patio? What if I just want to lay in a lawn chair and stare at the clouds? These four wines are exactly what you need for outdoor drinking as the weather warms up.

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Super Bowl wing recipes and wine pairings that even the ref won't question

Wings and Wine Pairing Party for Super Bowl and March Madness

You must have wings for Super Bowl and March Madness. And if those wings are spicy (duh), you better put out some sweet wine to cool the burn. Stop wondering which wines to share with your tongue-flaming wings? We’ve got you covered with pairings and wing recipes!

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12 Days of Christmas gift idea for wine lovers

The Snow Worries Wine Tasting Kit is best 12 Days of Christmas gift for wine lovers

The last thing anyone wants for Christmas is 10 lords a leaping on the living room furniture. Or eight maids and their cows getting milk all over the kitchen floor. So, we rewrote the song with a better 12 Days of Christmas gift idea sure to have everyone on your list saying thanks for not putting seven swans in our swimming pool.

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The 8 best Halloween candy and wine pairings for spooktacular party

Top 8 Halloween candy and wine pairings for the perfect Halloween party

One of the best parts of Halloween is the candy, and candy tastes even better when you pair it with wine. So grab a costume, call your friends and set out these 8 wines with bowls of the most popular Halloween candy. 

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7 tips for the ultimate tailgate party experience

Ultimate Tailgate Party for sweet wine lovers

Football season is one of the longest parties of the year. You need a game plan. So, we’re here to coach you to the ultimate tailgate party season with 7 tips for the best tailgate parties.

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How to throw a Sunshine State of Wine tasting party

Everything you need for the summer's best party in one kit.

Endless summer is a real thing when you sprinkle your calendar with a little shindig we like to call Sunshine State of Wine. The best way to do it is by having everything you need delivered to your door in one box. All that's left for you to do is text some friends and inflate the giant flamingos!

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10 Independence Day party wines that are all American

10 Independence Day party wines that are all American

America's birthday is the perfect time to go all out for an Independence Day celebration featuring "proudly made in the USA" wines. These 10 bottles are Duplin's most popular party wines. Whether you're headed off for summer vacation or doing fireworks at home, get ready to show your red, white and blue pride. 

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