This 2-ingredient holiday mocktail is Christmas Jam Water

Just 2 ingredients create the best holiday mocktail.

This super-easy mocktail is just as merry as all the other Christmas drinks. And it adapts to a version with alcohol too. Either way, all you need is two ingredients for this sipper full of Christmas spirit (without the spirits).

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Thanksgiving doesn't get any better than Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing

The best Cornbread Sausage Stuffing (or dressing) recipes

Homemade stuffing recipes are so much better than the stuff that comes in a box. Cornbread & Sausage stuffing is a Duplin family favorite, especially with a splash of Duplin Pum'kin Wine. It's delicate spice and easy-drinking sweetness enhances the savory pork sausage while highlighting the apples and pecans in this recipe. 

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12 Days of Christmas gift idea for wine lovers

The Snow Worries Wine Tasting Kit is best 12 Days of Christmas gift for wine lovers

The last thing anyone wants for Christmas is 10 lords a leaping on the living room furniture. Or eight maids and their cows getting milk all over the kitchen floor. So, we rewrote the song with a better 12 Days of Christmas gift idea sure to have everyone on your list saying thanks for not putting seven swans in our swimming pool.

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How to make a better hot toddy — with wine

How to make a hot toddy with wine.

The classic hot toddy is the easiest drink you can make, but there's one problem with the traditional recipe: it calls for water. Well, we fixed that by using wine instead. Hot toddies are usually made with honey, lemon, whiskey and water. For this improved recipe, use Duplin Carlos or Duplin Cotton Candy Lime in place of the water. Your welcome.

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Hot, bubbly crab dip. Or cool creamy crab dip. This recipe does both!

An easy hot crab dip recipe that's also good chilled.

There's nothing better than tucking into creamy crab dip, and this super easy version is equally delicious chilled or hot and bubbly from the oven. Serve it either way! Use your favorite crab, and be sure to pick out any shell fragments before stirring the crab into the dip. Blue crab, snow crab and king crab all work. Claw, lump or backfin crab meat is fine. 

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Battle of the Fall Pitcher Drinks: Apple Cider Sangria vs. Apple Cider Margarita

Best Fall Pitcher Drinks for Football Cocktails

Fall is the season for big-batch cocktails. Everyone has an opinion about which pitcher drinks are best for Halloween, college bowl games, the Super Bowl, Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving. So we put two top-rathed pitcher drinks to the test: Apple Cider Sangria vs. the Apple Cider Margartia. Find out what our testers thought.

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7 essential fall drinks to get your fire pit party started

These are the best fall drink recipes

Whether you're calling friends for a s'mores party around the fire pit or packing the cooler to catch the best weekend fall festivals, these drinks suit every crisp-weather occasion. First off, the colors are gorgeous. Just like fall leaves! Each one also packs cozy flavors. Some are sippers to pour over ice; others you'll want to cup in a big mug.

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The 8 best Halloween candy and wine pairings for spooktacular party

Top 8 Halloween candy and wine pairings for the perfect Halloween party

One of the best parts of Halloween is the candy, and candy tastes even better when you pair it with wine. So grab a costume, call your friends and set out these 8 wines with bowls of the most popular Halloween candy. 

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7 tips for the ultimate tailgate party experience

Ultimate Tailgate Party for sweet wine lovers

Football season is one of the longest parties of the year. You need a game plan. So, we’re here to coach you to the ultimate tailgate party season with 7 tips for the best tailgate parties.

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This old truck attracts thousands of people to Duplin Winery-Panama City Beach

A selfie by this Duplin Winery vintage pick-up truck is a must-do in Panama City Beach

Thousands of people come to Duplin Winery-Panama City Beach to snap a selfie by this vintage Chevy pick-up. Here's the story behind the incredible craftsman who brought the truck and many other Duplin landmarks to life.

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How to throw a Sunshine State of Wine tasting party

Everything you need for the summer's best party in one kit.

Endless summer is a real thing when you sprinkle your calendar with a little shindig we like to call Sunshine State of Wine. The best way to do it is by having everything you need delivered to your door in one box. All that's left for you to do is text some friends and inflate the giant flamingos!

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