How to make a better hot toddy — with wine

The classic hot toddy is the easiest drink you can make, but there's one problem with the traditional recipe: it calls for water. Well, we fixed that by using wine instead.

Hot toddies are usually made with honey, lemon, whiskey and water. The sweet tanginess against the whiskey’s flame goes down so warm on chilly nights. For this improved recipe, we wanted to substitute a fitting wine in place of water.

Our first thought was a white wine, dry or crystal sweet with a pop of acidity. Our favorite wine for this recipe is bright, sweet Duplin Cotton Candy Lime. The delicate touch of lime modernized the hot toddy without sacrificing tradition. We also liked Carlos because it enhanced the toddy’s honey notes.

No matter which wine you choose for the Duplin Hot Toddy, one thing is certain: you’ll reach for this drink every time the temperature dips. We love to pack it for tailgates, leaf peeping, camping, winter holidays at the beach and, of course, Christmas.

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