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We just made cream cheese chicken chili even better

Cream cheese chicken chili recipes are even better with a dash of Duplin Magnolia wine.

Cream cheese chicken chili is all over the internet because its blend of ranch dressing, cream cheese and chili spices warms the soul and fills the belly with pure comfort. We bumped up the recipe by marinating the chicken in Duplin Magnolia and adding a little more wine to the pot. Prepare this chili in an Instapot, slow cooker or on the stove. It's a luscious soup but also works as a hot dip or creamy pasta sauce.

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The best Duplin wines to pair with Halloween candy

Worried that Halloween is going to be canceled in 2020? Fear not. One of the best parts of Halloween is candy, and candy tastes even better when you pair it with wine. Set out bowls of candy with a Duplin At Home Wine Tasting Kit and let your crew experiment with pairings. Follow these tips to get you started.

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