How Duplin's signature cocktail happened

Dave and Jonathan’s mother, Ann Fussell, is an unwavering cheerleader for Duplin Winery. Even during the winery’s most challenging years, she encouraged her husband, David Fussell Sr., to keep the faith and worked by his side.

“We make the best muscadine wine in the world,” she liked to remind him.

Ann loves to showcase a longtime Duplin favorite, Magnolia white wine, in a fizzy, refreshing lemonade she calls "Summertime Wine Spritzer." It’s Duplin’s oldest and most beloved cocktail recipe.

“At our first dinner shows, we would make buckets of it and stand on the front porch scooping it into cups,” Duplin general manager Morgan Jackson said. 

Summertime Wine Spritzers are what we'll be making to celebrate August 18, 2021, the 45th anniversary of Duplin's formal incorporation. The original recipe called for Coutry Time lemonade mix, but we've switched to Sweetzer Electric Lemonade mix because we find that Electric Lemonade gives the drink a true lemon flavor

Summertime Wine Spritzer 

2⅔ cups of Country Time lemonade mix or 1 packet Electric Lemonade Sweetzer

1½ bottles of Magnolia wine

2-liter bottle of Sundrop


1. Mix all ingredients together.

2. Serve over ice.

Makes about 2 quarts.

Ann Fussell with her husband, David Fussell Sr.

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