How to throw a Sunshine State of Wine tasting party

Everything you need for the summer's best party in one kit.

Endless summer is a real thing when you sprinkle your calendar with a little shindig we like to call Sunshine State of Wine. The best way to do it is by having everything you need delivered to your door in one box. All that's left for you to do is text some friends and inflate the giant flamingos!

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Icy Orange Blossom is a rad 1980s throwback to Orange Julius

Icy Orange Blossom wine slushie.

Step back to the 1980s magic of hanging out in the mall, playing Pac-Man all day and tuning your Walkman to Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" while you sip an Orange Julius and act like you don't see your crush walking up to say "Oh, hey." That Orange Julius inspires the Icy Orange Blossom. Only, of course, we made it better with Duplin Orange Blossom wine. 

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10 Independence Day party wines that are all American

10 Independence Day party wines that are all American

America's birthday is the perfect time to go all out for an Independence Day celebration featuring "proudly made in the USA" wines. These 10 bottles are Duplin's most popular party wines. Whether you're headed off for summer vacation or doing fireworks at home, get ready to show your red, white and blue pride. 

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Panama City Beach Grand Opening Party Time

Duplin Winery PCB! Grand Opening Party happens in August 2023

Award-winning Duplin Winery, known for bringing friends and family together over America’s favorite sweet wines, celebrates the grand opening of its eagerly awaited Panama City Beach, Fla., location on August 19 with a day-long celebration at the 38,000 square-foot complex where guests will experience special Florida wines, bottling their own wine and a charity auction for a magnum of Duplin.

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Get ready to sparkle! New Southern Mist arrives in May

Duplin Winery Southern Mist is a fizzy muscadine and moscato white wine blend.

Get ready to celebrate Southern Mist, Duplin Winery's newest wine coming in May 2023. Vivacious and sweet, with notes of honeysuckle and rose petals that tickle the nose, Southern Mist is perfect in flutes for celebrations like the exclusive Southern Mist Release Party May 13.

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You've been storing wine all wrong: 5 pro tips to get it right

5 pro tips for storing wine the right way

Move that pretty wine rack away from the window right now! Sunlight is just one of the things that can destory the flavor of wine. And there is nothing worst than opening a bottle of wine only to discover it just doesn't taste right. Top Duplin Winery bartender Frank tells you everything you need to know about how to store wine and keep it at its best. 

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Quick and easy Pork Chops with Pum'kin Wine Sauce

Pan-seared Pork Chops with Pumpkin Wine

Quick and easy weeknight meals don't have to be take-out or another rotisserie chicken. One pan is all you need to make these delectable pork chops and the pumpkin wine sauce that goes with them. They’re especially delicious with no-fuss baked sweet potatoes and a simple green salad with your favorite dressing.  

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