This Easter pink mimosa is literally sparkling

Chocolate eggs? Meh. Sipping mimosas. YES!  When the Easter Bunny puts out this literally sparkling pink mimosa at brunch, your peeps will hop with delight.

We love Peeps and we love wine, but what we love even more is the two of them together. We think of it as totally chilling with our Peeps. But for Easter, we like to do something extra special. 

The crystal-sparkling sugar on Peeps got us wondering how we could bring all that glitter to a mimosa. We found it at the supermarket in the baking aisle. 

What you're looking for is edible glitter for drinks. This is not the stuff you sprinkle on cupcakes. This glitter is superfine. We found the Fancy brand at Wal-Mart, but lots of brands are available on Amazon and Temu. Just Google "edible glitter for drinks" and lots of options will pop up for buying it at stores or online.

One little packet was plenty of glitter to sparkle four drinks. We made ours with Duplin Cotton Candy Original because, well cottontails and candy for Easter. Because we wanted this drink to be pink, we skipped the orange juice and added Welch's non-alcoholic, sparkling Strawberry Daquiri Juice, which picked up on the Cotton Candy's strawberry notes.

Cotton Candy Original is a truly sweet wine. If you want to tame the sweetness, try a berry seltzer. If you want a little more punch, add a hard berry seltzer.

We rimmed a flute glass with honey and then dipped it in pink sugar before pouring in the wine, sparkling strawberry juice and edible glitter. Then we garnished with a pink rabbit-shaped Peep. So adorable!  We call it the "Pink Dupeepmosa."

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