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This Easter pink mimosa is literally sparkling

A glittery Easter brunch mimosa that will make your peeps hop with delight!

The crystal-sparkling sugar on Peeps got us wondering how we could bring all that glitter to a mimosa. We found it! When the Easter Bunny puts out this literally sparkling pink mimosa at brunch, your peeps will hop with delight.

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Here's how to make the perfect Paloma, this year's coolest cocktail

How to make the perfect Paloma

Everyone is drinking the Paloma right now. It's citrus freshness is hard to resist. Here's how you can this must-try cocktail even better.

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7 essential fall drinks to get your fire pit party started

These are the best fall drink recipes

Whether you're calling friends for a s'mores party around the fire pit or packing the cooler to catch the best weekend fall festivals, these drinks suit every crisp-weather occasion. First off, the colors are gorgeous. Just like fall leaves! Each one also packs cozy flavors. Some are sippers to pour over ice; others you'll want to cup in a big mug.

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If you like Pina Coladas, this mimosa is the love that you've looked for

Pina Colada Mimosa is part wine slushie, part mimosa

Give mimosas a tropical spin with a super-easy Pina Colada Mimosa recipe. Part wine slushie, part classic mimosa, this recipe will wow at tiki parties, brunch and girls weekends.

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Strawberry Iced Tea -- with a sweet kick

Strawberry Mint Iced Tea gets a rosé wine kick

Southerners are iced tea experts, and this spiked iced tea hits every mark. Sweet and refreshing, plus a little fizz and a Duplin wine kick. 

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That time Duplin had an Italian summer romance

Limoncello, gelato and a little Duplin Sweet Lily fizzy white wine go into the Limoncello Spritz.

Duplin Sweet Lily has a summer romance with Italian limoncello and a few scoops of gelato in a drink sure to steal your heart. Enjoy this cocktail in spring too! Serve the Limoncello Spritz at showers, Mother's Day brunch or as an al fresco dessert after dinner in the garden.

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The fizzy St. Patrick's drink that kicks green beer off the bar

Du-Mosa Mimosa is the fizzy St. Patrick's drink that kicks green beer off the bar.

Green beer is dandy, but the St. Patrick's Du-Mosa Mimosa packs a tasty punch sure to put the blarney in your brunch. Somewhere between cocktail and mimosa, it's a fancy green spritzer with a hint of sweet melon.

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This St. Patrick's Day shot works for cocktails or desserts

The Duplin Irish Storm shot works for cocktails or desserts.

This St. Patrick's Day drink is proof that some storms can be fun. And, yes, the ingredients actually swirl like a storm. Irish cream, crème de menthe and Duplin Muscadine Moscato spin under clouds of mini marshmallows in single, yummy shot that everyone at your St. Patrick's Day party will want to try.  Pour the Duplin Irish Storm into fancy liqueur glasses and serve it as part of your St. Patrick's Day desserts bar.

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